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Sixers’ Success Outweighs Failures

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Sixers’ Success Outweighs Failures

You do not have a reason to be mad, upset or disappointed with the Sixers’ this season, as a whole.

A fan base that showed supreme, and frankly unrivaled patience, during a ten-win season should be thrilled with a record of 23-21 two years later. The team is set to improve 33 games from that near-historic low year and 15 from last season’s mediocrity.


Remember Far, Far Back… Three Months To Be Exact

Predictions coming into the season varied, but not radically from high win totals to low ones. Taking the average of top media outlets’ predictions, such as ESPN, CBS Sports, USA Today Sports and Sports Illustrated, equals 38.4 wins. The Sixers are presently on track to win 42.8 games. That’s even higher than Vegas’ generous 42.5 pre-season over/under. Regardless of where you personally think they should be, the present win total is well above expert opinions.

Budding Stars

Additionally, the team’s foundational pieces are continuing to grow at a good pace. Joel Embiid, the first Sixer all-star starter since Allen Iverson, is well on his way to super stardom. His point guard, Ben Simmons, is wowing home crowds with 19 points, 17 rebounds, 14 assists performances and a strong favorite to win Rookie of the Year at season’s end. Their success has contributed to the team over-achieving.

Unfortunate, But Irrelevant

Conversely, Markelle Fultz’ situation is an extreme anomaly from standard NBA happenings. However, it is best looked at in a vacuüm. It’s unfortunate and a reason for concern, but likely not the cause of any decrease in wins to this point. In other words, there’s an argument to be made against Fultz contributing to wins this year. Of course you can be upset with the trade to get him and his lack of playing time, but he is not hurting the team, presently.

Use Hindsight, Be Happy

All the success has been achieved with injury problems, no real high-level shot-creator, a weak bench and a rookie manning the point guard position. Sure, the Sixers have looked like my cousin’s CYO team while blowing some 20-point leads, but the aforementioned deficits are mostly to blame for those negative aspects of this season.

Ultimately, the team is doing very well with their current pieces and limitations. Hope for the future certainly lies in Fultz remembering how to shoot. But for now, things are mostly as they should be.

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