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Three Reasons Why: John Wall Is The Best Point Guard In The NBA!

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The Case For John Wall!

Washington Wizards fans have witnessed the growth of their star point guard John Wall. Wall was drafted 7-years ago in the 2010 NBA draft.

Throughout his college tenure fans were fascinated with his ability to get up and down the court with the ball in his hands. Wall displayed his explosiveness, speed and ability to finish in transition.

The 26-year-old guard recently agreed to sign a 4-year $170 million-dollar extension. Prior to signing this deal, the North Carolina native had to watch other players around the league receive contracts that raised eyebrows. (Reggie Jackson, we are talking about you).

During an interview on First take, Wall was asked who is the best point guard in the league. The former Kentucky Wild Cat responded by saying, “Me”. As I watched Wall answer the question with confidence I was extremely excited because I agree.

The 6’4 guard has been the best point guard for the last two NBA seasons. (My opinion). Before you get upset and say he still can’t shoot we have to ask, what is the role of a point guard.

A point guard is supposed to facilitate the offense, be a line of leadership, pass first, score when needed, dominate the game in multiple ways and make your teammates better.

The 4x all-star finished his rookie season averaging 16.4 points, 8.3 assists, and 4.6 rebounds. After the conclusion of this year’s season, the former number one pick finished the season averaging 23 points, 10 assists, and 4.2 rebounds.

Every year the former Wild Cat has taken on more leadership and commitment in order to elevate the Wiz Kids. Now back to my case for best point guard in the league.

There are three reasons why Wall is the best point guard in the league. By the way, the 7-year veteran deserves this contract and should have received it sooner. (But I digress)

Elevates His Teammates:

Throughout the point guards 7-year career, the 26-year-olds average in assists has not dropped lower than 7. The 2010 NBA draft pick focuses on getting his teammates involved. Wall commits to both sides of the floor. When his teammates aren’t stepping up he will let it be known. The 6’4 guard makes his teammates better by challenging them, leading by example and remaining vocal.

Bradly Beal:

I know this may catch you by surprise, but it shouldn’t. Bradly Beal can be identified as number 2’s Robin. Beal has struggled to stay healthy with the exception of this season where the two guards were able to join forces in the playoffs. (Without struggling to gain chemistry) When Beal received his previous extension Wizards fans and players on the roster (Just Wall) became irritated. When Beal struggles Wall picks up the pace and elevates the team. Wall constantly defers to Beal in order to help massage his ego. During the playoffs when the Wizards faced the Boston Celtics, Wall continued to step up when the rest of the team disappeared.

Everyone Who Claims To Be A PG Doesn’t Qualify:

Russell Westbrook:

Some people believe that Russell Westbrook is the best point guard in the league. (Which is debatable) However, you have to remember when the California native was drafted and asked what the biggest adjustment will be playing point guard. Westbrook may have averaged a triple double, but he does not make his team better. There have been multiple times where the game would be tied with less than ten seconds and Westbrook would force up a bad shot. (With a shooter wide open in the corner)

Chris Paul:

Chris Paul is another guard who could arguably be the best. However, it is hard to give CP3 the nod because he has had more talent than Wall. After years of trying CP3 has yet to reach a conference finals. Wall has not advanced to the conference finals, but he is only 26-years-old. Also, Wall is entering the prime of his career.

Steph Curry:

Steph Curry is the man for sure. (Contract well deserved) Curry does not receive the praise for all that he does as a point guard. It’s hard to give Curry the nod when it comes to being the best point guard in the league. The Charlotte native has a better team and coaching staff than Wall. (That’s not Curry’s fault). Again, I am a huge Steph fan, but the way Steve Kerr runs his offense anyone can bring the ball up and run the play.

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