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The NBA Developmental League Has Changed Names To The NBA G League!

G League NBA PR


NBA G League Is Here!

G League Debut:

Today is a great day to be a fan of the NBA, on June 20th, 2017, the NBA announced that the D league will now be known as the NBA G League.

When the D League debuted in 2001, Gatorade was already a well-known supporter and partner of the league.  The G represents the involvement that Gatorade will have in this new NBA collaboration.

Starting this fall, during the 2017-18 NBA season the NBA G League will expand to 26 teams opposed to the original 22 teams. 22 out of the 26 teams are owned by NBA franchises. After the NBA finals, it’s easy to draw a conclusion that super teams have ruined the level of competition in the NBA.

However, The G League will help change that by developing players through research, workouts, and hydration exercises. Gatorade is the perfect partner for the developmental league. For 52-years Gatorade has helped replenish, motivate and stimulate athletic success.

Partnering with Gatorade has launched the NBA into a new sphere of influence. The NBA has decided to add a “two-way” players clause that allows players to sign with an NBA team while playing in the G League.

Development Is Key:

The developmental league has developed players like:

  • Hassan Whiteside (Miami Heat)
  • Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz)
  • CJ McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers)
  • Danny Green (San Antonio Spurs)
  • Jeremy Lin (Brooklyn Nets)
  • Jordan Clarkson (Los Angeles Lakers)
  • Shaun Livingston (Golden State Warriors)

Often time the developmental league can be seen as the little brother that no one wants, but the success of this league is significant for several reasons:

  • Players, coaches, front office management and officials can develop
  • Gatorade will add to the positive image of the NBA
  • Player health will have more of an emphasis
  • Better branding for the NBA as a whole
  • Gatorade will provide equipment for the locker rooms and teams
  • Injured players can rehab
  • More development for college one and done players
  • Enhance the future competition of the NBA

At the beginning of the 2017-18 season, the developmental league will reveal their new uniforms and work with the Gatorade Sports Science Research Institute. In addition to the upcoming unveiling the NBA G League has launched their new website, social media accounts and primary handle.

The NBA should be ecstatic for the upcoming season for the NBA G League. NBA G League President Malcolm Turner has done a great job with the developmental league.

“This is a pivotal moment for the NBA G League,” said NBA G League President Malcolm Turner.  “The league is experiencing unprecedented success both on and off the court, and our partnership with Gatorade is helping to drive momentum and create exciting opportunities for innovation, sports performance, and player development.” (NBA Communications)

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