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King James: Free Agency, Where Will LeBron James End Up Next!

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The Journey of King James

LeBron James will become a free agent once again after the 2017-18 season comes to a conclusion. Multiple sources have speculated that the Ohio native will be on the move yet again. (King James is leaving again)

After King James, left Cleveland in the summer of 2010, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert didn’t take to kindly to the news. After playing with the Miami Heat for four years, Gilbert was reunited with his franchise player.

To this day it can be argued that Gilbert has not patched things up with the 4-time-MVP. After the Cavaliers lost to the Golden State Warriors in this year’s NBA finals it seemed like a dark time in Cleveland.

The level of optimism went out of the window for the city. Despite losing in the finals some say that the Cavs will end up in next year’s finals. (Assuming players stay healthy). Even if King James managed to lead his team back to the finals, will it be enough to defeat the loaded GSW?

King James is A Different Breed

Some analyst and critics argue that King James lacks competitive nature, grit and the will to win. At times it can be annoying when you see the 6’8 forward crying after a foul and not getting back on defense.

The 3-time NBA champion has played at a high level since he was drafted in 2003. A lot of people do not understand that he isn’t a selfish player. The comparison to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is not logical.

Jordan played in a different era with a competitive eastern conference. (LeBron can’t control the level of competition). Jordan is probably the most competitive person who ever played the game. Who invites the player that made the High School Varsity basketball team, over you and then blasts him at his Hall of Fame Speech?

Now let’s talk about the Black Mamba who was told that he couldn’t win on his own, he was nothing without Shaq, and that he was too young. When Kobe saw a weakness in the defense, whether it was a mouse in the house, tired legs or a weak roster there was no passing to the open man.

People forget that Bryant went through multiple seasons of losing before he decided to practice for over hundreds of hours during the summer. All three players have different playing styles and dominated the game in different fashions.

Free Agency With King James

With the summer of 2018, vastly approaching the whole city of Cleveland is probably asking is this happening again. Did the Cavaliers owner learn his lesson from 2010?

Now let’s just assume that number 23 decides to take his talents elsewhere again. What would be the best situation for the King of Ohio?

Possible Landing Places For King James

Cleveland Cavaliers:

It’s clear that the Cavs have no flexibility with the salary cap and can only acquire talent by trade. Just like last years 2016, NBA champions have another chance to win the east. (We know Boston got Gordan Hayward, but that’s still not enough) However, if the Cavaliers get to the finals again, will it be enough to defeat the 2017 NBA champions? Staying in Cleveland could be a good move if you believe in the acquisitions of Jeff Green and Jose Calderon. Looking at the Cavs current roster it seems similar to last year’s team, but something has to give right.

Los Angeles Lakers:

Everyone is speculating that King James wants to play with Lonzo Ball. If you look at the Lakers they have great management, coaching, and young talent. However, if you are a LeBron fan you have to realize that time plays a huge factor into the equation. This December the St. Vincent-St. Mary Alumnus will turn 33-years-old. Signing with the Lakers would be a great move for the future, but it will take time for Julius Randle, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance Jr. to develop. It’s hard to predict if any of the younger players will pan out and develop. LA would be a great landing space if he could defeat father time.

San Antonio Spurs:

This would be the best situation for the King. Think about it, you arguably have the best coach in the NBA. (I haven’t forgiven Phil Jackson yet and I’m not even a Knicks fan) Greg Popovich already has a solid relationship with James from team USA basketball. Popovich has a system that fits with number 23’s style of play and basketball IQ.  The Spurs are looking for a way to send forward LaMarcus Aldridge, out the front door. Acquiring LBJ could allow LA to stay because it’s proven that the King makes everyone around him better. Let’s not forget the coaching staff keeps their players healthy and well rested.   LeBron would have an even mixture of veterans and younger players. Just imagine the starting lineup for the Spurs.

  • Tony Parker
  • Danny Green
  • Kawhi Leonard
  • LeBron James
  • LaMarcus Aldrige (Slight chance of staying in SA)


  • Manu Ginobili
  • Pau Gasol
  • Patty Mills
  • David Lee (Pending he resigns)
  • Dejounte Murray
  • Kyle Anderson
  • Rudy Gay

In order to clear salary cap, some players may be traded or waived. However, general manager RC Buford will work his magic.

If LBJ wants to win another ring, he may want to consider going to the Alamo.

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