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The Los Angeles Lakers: What Did The Summer League Do For Lonzo Ball?

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What Can Ball Do For You?

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Lakers may be on to something! Lonzo Ball has probably taken over your time line on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook for all the wrong reasons.  After almost a year of hearing Lavar Ball promote the Big Baller Brand and his sons, it’s safe to say that Lonzo will be effective in the NBA.

To Much Hype? (It’s Just Summer League)

Last night, the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers 110-98, in the NBA Las Vegas Summer League Championship.  Ball would go on to win MVP of the Las Vegas Summer League, despite not playing in the championship game.

Lakers fans are already deeming Ball the face of the franchise and indicating that the franchise may be able to reach the playoffs this year. Let’s pause and take a deep breath before we book a playoff appearance.

The former UCLA guard put up some impressive numbers during the summer league. This summer the number two draft pick averaged 16 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assist. The California native led the Lakers to a 6-2 season (despite not playing in two out of the six games won).

Is The Case Sample too Small?

Ball will probably be a solid pro, but turn down the volume just a bit it’s just summer league. Although the Lakers went 6-2 during the Las Vegas Summer League the 6’6 guard did not face any competition with the exception of Dennis Smith Jr.

Week three fans were excited to see a Sweet Sixteen rematch between De’Aaron Fox and Lonzo Ball, but the former UCLA Bruin had a “groin injury”. (Even though he played the next game, HOW SWAY) Week two, the Boston Celtics defeated the Lake Show 86-81, with the help of Jayson Tatum who scored 27 points and grabbed 11 rebounds.

While playing the Dallas Mavericks, it became clear the Ball will not be able to guard fast and athletic guards due to his lack of speed. The former Bruin struggled to keep ball handlers in front of him and attempted to block shots from behind.

It’s clear that the Chino Hills resident has a great offensive upside, but the defensive side is going to be a problem.

Again, the Summer League MVP had an amazing summer league, but we have to wait until preseason to see how Ball adjusts to NBA competition.

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