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Ricky Rubio On The Trading Block Once Again: Or Was He Ever Off?

Rubio Rodrigo Díez Vignola Via Flicker


Ricky Rubio & The Trading Block

The Minnesota Timberwolves, front office has made it clear that they plan on trading guard Ricky Rubio. It’s safe to say that Rubio has been on the trading block for the last three to four seasons. When will it end?

The 6’4 Spaniard still has a lot to offer. There are plenty of teams who need a point guard on their roster. When you think of a point guard they should be able to lead, distribute, facilitate, and command the team.

Rubio may not have the leadership down pact, but the 26-year-old can flat out ball. In 2009, teams were looking to draft Rubio or Wizards guard Brandon Jennings. It’s safe to say that both guards did not pan out like we expected. (Not to say they haven’t produced)

Despite the Timberwolves making it clear that they plan to trade the former 5th pick Rubio, should keep his head up. There are plenty of teams that would benefit from his craft. The Timberwolves are aggressively shopping the veteran guard due to his poor shooting.

Last year the guards shooting percentage fell to around 37%. Any team that considers acquiring the 26-year-old should already have a variety of shooters, great coaching, and a patient front office. Rubio could be a missing piece for a roster that is one step away from a title. (No I am not saying Rubio is a Superstar, but after the all-star break he did average 16 points and 10 assists).

On the bright side, the Minnesota guard has great court vision, basketball IQ and handle. Keep in mind that Rubio is only 26. With the right staff, teammates, and management behind him the guard could blossom. (No disrespect to the Timberwolves, but they’re not the best at developing young talent).

Whether you believe it or not there will be some demand for the veteran guard.

Trade Destinations:

Milwaukee Bucks:

The Bucks are on the verge of becoming a dominant force in the east. Despite an early exit in the playoffs the Bucks looked great and gained experience. Throughout the series against the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee struggled to run their half-court offense. Adding Rubio would help provide the team with a floor leader who could learn from one of the best point guards who ever played in Head Coach Jason Kidd.

Detroit Pistons:

Let’s just be honest Head Coach Stan Van Gundy is not pleased with Reggie Jackson. Just after making the playoffs a year ago the Pistons found themselves on the couch with popcorn this summer. The Pistons seemed to be on the path of a promising season until trade rumors surrounded the whole team. It’s no surprise that Van Gundy likes to have a roster with a dominant big man and shooters. However, Van Gundy seems to be looking for a floor leader. Earlier in the season before the trade deadline, the Head Coach contacted the Timberwolves about Rubio. (Why not do it again)?

New York Knicks:

Please, Phil Jackson, don’t derail Rubio’s growth any further. As much as the basketball world would hate this move it makes sense. Jackson has made it clear that the triangle offense will be a factor in New York. Rubio could be a great floor leader for the team, but too bad everyone is on their way out.

San Antonio Spurs:

It makes perfect sense if you’re General Manager RC Buford. Think about it Tony Parker will be rehabbing his leg for a small duration of the season. Rubio could learn from Greg Popovich, Becky Hammon, Tony Parker and the culture that has been set in San Antonio. The organization as a whole would help the 6’4 guard develop into his own.

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