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Greg Popovich and The Spurs May Be The Only Team In The West Who Can Challenge The GSW Come Next Summer!

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The San Antonio Spurs & The Big If

The San Antonio Spurs probably didn’t watch the finals considering that they could have challenged the Golden State Warriors if healthy.

The night before last the Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120, giving “Dub Nation” their second title in 3 years.

GSW: A Dynasty?

All eyes were on Golden State after acquiring Kevin Durant last summer. Experts selected the Warriors as the early favorites to win it all. Throughout the season broadcasters, analyst and critics struggled to bet against the 2015 NBA champions.

Greg Popovich & His System:

Now the basketball world is asking, can the Warriors become a dynasty? However, we must remember that the Spurs are still in the west. If Greg Popovich is coaching, the San Antonio Spurs are certainly a threat.

During Game one of the Western Conference Finals, the Spurs came out with full force closing the first quarter with a 30-16 lead. Kawhi Leonard put on an amazing display despite suffering an ankle injury against the Houston Rockets in semifinals.

San Antonio would go on to close the half 62-42, leaving Oracle Arena speechless. Fans witnessed the greatness of the Spurs and how Leonard had transformed into the true alpha of his team.

Leonard would roll his ankle after stepping on a teammate’s foot. It seemed that the 2014 NBA champion was done for the night, but he would return. In the third quarter, the LA native would land on Zaza Pachulia’s, foot twisting his ankle for the second time causing an early exit.

What would have happened if the 2-time defensive player of the year didn’t twist his ankle? What would have happened if the Spurs handed Dub Nation their first home loss?

When you think of Popovich and the 50-year-old franchise, it reminds you of the New England Patriots. Both teams have a culture that demands toughness, teamwork, grit, sacrifice, and excellence.

Think about how a loss at home could have hurt the Warriors psyche. GS could have lost confidence and changed their game plan. The Cav’s could have watched game film on how San Antonio defeated the Warriors.

However, those are big ifs. Now if you’re Spurs management you need to win in the offseason.

Off-Season & Free Agency:

While the world is contemplating if the 2017 NBA champions can become a dynasty, it may not be wise to forget about the franchise in San Antonio.

If you are R.C. Buford consider the following in the offseason:

  • Trade LaMarcus Aldridge
  • Try to acquire Chris Paul
  • Add another dominant Power Forward or Center
  • Develop Jonathon Simmons, Dejounte Murray, and Kyle Anderson
  • Rehab Leonard & Tony Parker
  • Continue to build around Leonard

Again 2017 was a great year for the Bay Area, but let’s wait until free agency is over before we speak about dynasties and the hostile take over.

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