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Will Klay Thompson Follow in Kyrie Irving’s Footsteps?

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Klay Thompson

Golden State Warrior Klay Thompson may have a big decision to make in the near future. His 4-year contract with the Warriors ends after the 2018-19 season.

Thompson plays alongside former all-star and MVP Stephen Curry. Curry has become one of the most recognizable faces throughout the NBA.

Thompson alongside Curry gained the nickname the “Splash Brothers” due to their amazing shooting capabilities.

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The Warriors welcomed the great Kevin Durant to their team during the summer of 2016. Adding Durant added a great amount of force to an amazing Warriors team.

Durant and Curry on the same team overshadowed Thompson and his abilities. One can even classify the Warriors as a “Super Team” because they have many dominant players on the roster.
Instead of people focusing on what Klay can do we’re focusing on Durant and Curry.

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Kryie Irving 

The same thing happened to Kyrie Irving when he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers alongside NBA legend LeBron James. After losing the 2017 NBA Finals Irving decided it was time to cut ties with Cleveland.

Thompson and his Golden State teammates have had major success in the past couple of years. With the help of Kevin Durant, the Warriors beat James and the Cavaliers to win the 2017 NBA Championship.

Irving was part of a blockbuster trade on Aug 30th. He asked to be traded from the Cavaliers and wound up becoming a member of the Boston Celtics.
Irving just like Thompson played alongside an NBA Superstar.

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That’s not all both have in common. Thompson and Irving have won an NBA championship, been voted to be a part of the annual NBA all-star weekend, and both have represented our country as a member of Team USA.

What Will The Future Hold?

Playing alongside these greats have overshadowed both Irving and Thompson’s talent. Although they have remarkable talent they still weren’t considered the leader or “star” of their team.
It’s speculated Irving requested a trade because he wanted the opportunity for his talent to shine, and prove he can lead a team to victory.

Uncle Drew decided he did not want to play a side role anymore, and he desired to be in the bright light as a star. Will the former Cav step up in Boston and prove he can lead a storied NBA franchise to victory? Sadly only time will tell.

The Warriors have had so much success it really makes one wonder if Thompson will even want to leave.  Will he ride the coattail of the Warriors success in order to win more rings, or will he rise to the challenge and become a star somewhere else.

The 2018 NBA finals outcome will play a major part in Thompson’s decision. Do I stay and win more championships with this “Super Team” or do I leave?

If Thompson decides to follow Irving’s footsteps and leave the Warriors to serve the role as the main leader on another team. The question becomes can Thompson lead an NBA team to victory? Or does he need Durant and Curry to be successful?

Well, it looks like we are just going to have to wait to find out.

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