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The Ball era begins with a 108-92 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers

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LaVar or Lonzo Ball

Last night LaVar Ball, excuse me Lonzo Ball made his NBA debut against the Los Angeles Clippers. Unfortunately, the 19-year-old and the Los Angeles Lakers fell to the Clippers 108-92.

After waiting all summer Laker fans finally got to see the new era in Los Angeles begin. Last night’s game may not have ended in ideal fashion, but the team will suit up again tonight against the Phoenix Suns.

Ball came out confident and seemed as if this wasn’t his first NBA game. It only took less than five minutes for Patrick Beverley to welcome the Lakers rookie into the league with a love tap. (Hard foul)

Beverley vs Ball

Due to LaVar’s big mouth players around the league are salivating at the chance to play the Chino Hills sensation.

To no one’s surprise, Beverley hounded the former UCLA Bruin for most

of the game. Beverley relished at the opportunity to guard the number two draft pick from this year’s draft.  The two exchanged pushes, stares and elbows throughout the game.

The six-foot-six guard scored his first points as a Laker with 4:49 left in the second quarter. He finished the game with three points, four assists and nine rebounds. Ball would finish the game on 1-for-6 shooting from the floor.

When the Chicago native defended Ball the Lakers averaged 0.48 points per play. The former Rocket caused Ball to commit seven turnovers.

Despite Ball’s quiet demeanor and laid back personality, it would be safe to assume that the former Razorback got under his skin.

Take Aways

A lot of players dislike LaVar and take it out on Lonzo, but one thing is for sure the 19-year-old knows how to handle himself.

After suffering his first loss as Laker, Ball handled his post-game interview very well.

“I mean that’s basketball, he plays 94-feet that is what he’s supposed to do, He’s a good defender I just tried to do what I can to get the offense going,” Lonzo Ball said.

“We got blown out so I didn’t play too well.”

Despite his actual stat line Lakers fans should be excited to see the young rookie this year. Even with the Lakers 108-92 loss, it was exciting to see the team push the ball with a purpose. (no pun intended)

Ball’s first-regular season game can be used as a teachable moment for the summer league MVP. He didn’t have a great game, but he continued to fight until the final whistle. The former Bruin continued to push the tempo despite the score.

Although this was the rookie’s debut, it’s safe to say that he will be a solid guard in the league. The California native shows poise, class and leadership. No matter how crazy or outspoken his father maybe he understands his role as a Laker.

Watching last night’s game may have been a struggle, but for the first time since Kobe retired in 2016, there has been excitement in the Staples center.

Laker fans look for the Ball to lead the team to 30 wins but don’t expect the playoffs just yet.


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