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San Antonio Spurs: Defeat Houston Rockets 121-96, Tying The Series 1-1 But Lose Tony Parker For The Rest Of The 2017 NBA Playoffs!

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San Antonio Spurs Win Game Two

But Need More

Down Goes Tony Parker:

After game two on Wednesday night the San Antonio Spurs, found out that Tony Parker ruptured his left quadriceps tendon. Parker will be out for the rest of the 2017 NBA playoffs. The Spurs would go on to win game two 121-96, tying the series at (1-1).

Game two the Spurs came out with energy and effort. The supporting cast provided 36-points which helped Greg Popovich’s Spurs defeat the Houston Rockets. Despite losing Parker for the reminder of the season San Antonio still has a shot of winning this series.

However, after the playoffs the franchise may want to consider acquiring an elite point guard to replace Parker. Parker has been playing professional basketball since he was 18-years old and his body has accumulated a lot of wear and tear.

Fix It If It Is Broken?

The 34-year old Frenchmen, has not been himself lately. Each year the Spurs try to preserve him as much as possible, but it may be time for a reduced role, or retirement. If San Antonio goes on to win this series, they will likely go on to face the Golden State Warriors.

Although, the Warriors have a depleted bench, the Spurs may not be able to generate enough points to win. It’s apparent that Kawhi Leonard has accepted the call of being the leader of the franchise, but the man needs help.

Leonard Has The Juice:

Wednesday night Leonard would hold James Harden to 13-points. After Wednesday it’s clear that defense still exist in the NBA. However, being an effective two-way player can leave you vulnerable on the offensive end.

In order for the franchise to defeat the Rockets or the Warriors the team has to step up as a whole. Forward LaMarcus Aldridge needs to elevate his play in order for his team to have a chance of advancing to the next round.

Since joining the Spurs in the summer of 2015, Aldridge’s points per game have decreased by 6.1 points. Granted points aren’t everything, but it was his dominance that made the Texas native a sought after free agent. At times Aldridge showed glimpses of becoming the best power-forward in the world.

Wake Up LaMarcus!

The former Texas Long Horn was supposed to be the successor to future hall of famer Tim Duncan. However, things have not gone as planned, and the former Long Horn needs to wake up.

Despite a sluggish start, Parker delivered 18 points Wednesday night. If coach Popovich’s team wants to advance to the Western Conference finals Danny Green, David Lee, Patty Mills, Manu Ginobili, and Kyle Anderson are going to need to elevate their play.

Defeating the Rockets can be done, but defeating the Warriors will require more!

Tune in to game three tonight at 9:30pm on ESPN.

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