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What’s Wrong With Avery Bradley?

What is wrong with Avery Bradley? Photo credit to juanzi615 via Flickr


What is wrong with Avery Bradley?

The Detroit Pistons, who started out the first 43 games of the season over .500 and battling for a top seed in the Eastern Conference; have now lost nine of their last ten games and are sitting at the ninth seed in the conference. As the trade deadline approaches, the team looks to make moves to bolster their chances at making the playoffs…starting with Avery Bradley.

Drafted with the 19th pick in in the first round of 2010 draft, Avery Bradley played the first 7 years of his career in Boston and had an All Star caliber season last year. Having a career year, averaging 16.3 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 2.2 assists while shooting 46.3% from the field, it seemed like Bradley was beginning to have a few breakout seasons for Boston. Key word, WAS. During the off-season, Bradley was traded to the Pistons to clear cap space for an actual All Star named, Gordon Hayward.

Why Avery Bradley?

The 27-year-old guard started off the first 20 games for the Detroit Pistons almost similar to his last season in Boston, averaging 16.8 points, 2.3 assists, and nearly 3 rebounds a game. However, as the season proceeded Bradley’s numbers have become worse. Falling down to just 15 points, 2.1 assists, and 2.4 rebounds, while shooting around 41% from the field and 38% from three.

Bradley is known for being a lock down defender, but this season his team has done much better on the offensive and defensive end when he’s not on the court. He has the teams worst-minus-5.0 points per 100 possessions and the Pistons score nearly 10 more points when he isn’t on the floor. Bradley also has one of the highest (worst) defensive ratings for the Pistons, so without his defense Bradley translates to just a merely average player.

Another important note, Bradley is destined to hit free agency this summer. Bradley will most likely be asking for around $20 million/per year, but to the Pistons is he really worth that?

Early Monday we found our answer, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Pistons have officially made Bradley available in trade talks. As NBA fans, we all created possible trade destinations for Bradley and practicable trade packages.

Trade Destinations

The Cavaliers became brought up in trade talks, but when are they not?

Another possible trade destination was the Oklahoma City Thunder, who recently lost their starting shooting guard due to injury. This scenario looks good on paper, but the Thunder would have make significant roster moves to clear up enough cap room to get Avery Bradley.

The Los Angeles Lakers even offered Jordan Clarkson in return for Avery Bradley, which makes sense for both teams. The Pistons need a point guard since Jackson is out with injury, and the Lakers want an expiring deal. Sounds like a good deal for both sides right? Nope.

The Pistons wanted a significantly larger trade package and more efficient players to help them push for a playoff spot, and as trade talks continued and the sun set,  Bradley was traded.

Blockbuster Trade?

At 5:32 PM, Wojnarowski announced:

Wow. What a deal.

Blake Griffin to the Pistons? Bradley AND Tobias to the Clippers?

No clear side has won this trade yet, it seems as if the Clippers are completely focused on rebuilding while the Pistons are focused on somewhat competing.

This trade allows for DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams to now be expendable for the Clippers in hopes for younger talent. The Clippers also rid themselves of Griffin’s $30 million contract which later expands to nearly $40 million. If the Clippers plan on keeping Harris and Bradley, it can also help them spread the floor more. For the Pistons, it can help them become a popular free agent destination now. Who wouldn’t want to play with a scary front-court like Drummond and Blake? It might be a lot of money spent on borderline All Stars, but at least Lob City isn’t totally dead…right?

Would you have traded Bradley?

Who do you think won the trade?

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