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Aaron Rodgers Consistent Case for MVP

Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers’ Consistency Pushes Him to the Front

Aaron Rodgers is regarded by many as the best quarterback in the NFL. As Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said,” he’s been hot for nine years.” Following a slow start to the 2016 season, by his standards, Rodgers torched defenses, finishing second in MVP voting. AR12 orchestrated a deep playoff run to the NFC Championship following speculation that his team wouldn’t make the tournament. Though his stats are impressive, much of his greatness lays in his intangibles. He already has two MVP awards to his name and is the front-runner by many to win a third.

Easy to See

Aaron Rodgers is a stud on and off the field. Rodgers has been the hottest quarterback in the league over the past nine seasons. In fact, Aaron Rodgers has the highest quarterback rating in league history at 104.1 for his career. No other quarterback has a rating above 100 according to Pro Football Reference. Additionally, he has thrown for 297 touchdowns over just 142 career games.

One thing that helps separate Rodgers from the pack is his turnover savvy mentality. He has not thrown double-digit interceptions since the 2010 season. While A-Rod has fumbled the ball over 65 times, Green Bay has lost just 25 of those according to NFL.

The level of consistency with which Rodgers has played over his career is incomparable. According to Pro Football Focus, as a starter, Rodgers has finished with an elite grade in every season but his first starting and 2015. In both cases, he still finished with very high grades knocking on said door. His seven elite grades through nine seasons as a starter is the most among quarterbacks.

Some Like It Hot

In 2016 number 12 of the Packers threw seven interceptions within the first nine games. Over the next seven games, Rodgers put together a stretch of play only comparable to his 2011 MVP season. He completed 69.7 percent of his passes for over 2,000 yards. His quarterback rating of 120.0 was the highest among quarterbacks over that stretch of the season. Not to mention that the Packers QB added 18 touchdowns through the air without throwing an interception.

Rodgers would go on to finish the season with 40 touchdowns to just 7 interceptions. For the second time in his career, Aaron threw for more than 40 touchdowns in a season. As a result, he became just the fourth quarterback to do so twice.

While no quarterback has thrown 40 touchdowns in three seasons, Rodgers could easily become the first. If the past is any indication of the future, then we can expect Rodgers to light up the 2017 season.

Well Rounded

Every defensive coordinator tries to answer one question, “What makes Aaron Rodgers most dangerous on the football field?” Rodgers has a  unique ability to adapt.

In the divisional playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys were able to rush Rodgers on his first two snaps. The first of which ended in a sack that should have knocked the ball out of his hand. His grip saved the possession. He came back on the next play, and the rush off the back-end forced a throw. As seen in the NFL Turning Point, Rodgers devised a protection scheme to give him time to throw on third and 20. The result was the throw of the year, 36 yards down the sideline to Jared Cook. Oh, and a game-winning field goal as time expired.

For being such a proficient passer, Rodgers also excels when he is forced to run. His 84.4 grade on the run by Pro Football Focus places him fourth among qualified quarterbacks. The quarterbacks above him (Kaepernick, Newton, and Taylor) hardly compare in passing, or overall grade. For much of the 2016 season, he led his team in rushing and passing before the development of Ty Montgomery.

He scrambles to throw the ball, and only leaves the pocket when forced. Rodgers uses his intelligence as his most dangerous weapon. He takes what the defense gives him, or he will design a play to take what he wants from the defense.

Last, but surely not least is Aaron Rodgers cannon attached to his right shoulder. Whether it be a quick pass or a Hail Mary, he has a unique ability to put the ball where he wants, when he wants.