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3 Interesting Facts: Dolphins’ Fiery Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains

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Can The Dolphins New Fiery Offensive Coordinator Produce Results?

On Wednesday, the Miami Dolphins made the hiring of their new offensive coordinator official. Dowell Loggains has nine years of overall NFL coaching experience. With stops in Tennessee, Cleveland, and Chicago the words ‘quarterback guru’ don’t exactly jump out at you. However, coaches can only work with the talent that is around them. Loggains has a solid track record — despite the offenses he fields having sub-par results in the win column. The Dolphins’ new fiery offensive coordinator is heading to Miami with some magic to work. With Ryan Tannehill returning in 2018, this offense has a lot to prove following an extremely disappointing season. Despite his teams’ shortcomings, many believe Loggains can spark some fire into a stagnant Miami offense.

Coaching History Gives Hope

Loggains’ coaching history can give some hope to Dolphins fans. From 2010-2012, Loggains was the quarterbacks/passing game coach in Tennessee. In 2011, the Titans produced a 4,000-yard passer plus an 84.4 passer rating. Both are ranked top eight in franchise history. He coached first-round pick Jake Locker as offensive coordinator of the Titans in 2013. Locker posted a 99.0 passer rating and a 3-1 record before injuries took over the season. Ultimately, he finished 4-3 as a starter with an 86.7 passer rating. When Loggains departed Tennessee, they dropped to the bottom four of almost every major offensive category. Those categories included both yards per game and points per game.

In his lone season as Cleveland’s offensive coordinator, the Browns won six games. That was in 2014. They have won four games in the three seasons since he left. While their offenses weren’t prolific, they did create big plays. Completing 21 pass plays of 25 yards or more is tied for the most in Cleveland since 1995. The Browns have not had too talented of skill players in quite some time. Therefore, they are not going to be in the top 15 of any offensive categories. However, Loggains got the most out of an obviously talent-depleted Cleveland team. In fact, their 3,678 passing yards finished 11th best in franchise history. Plus, 7.33 yards-per-attempt ranks the highest for the Browns since 1992. I’m not giving him glory just yet, but the man knows how to score points. The Dolphins’ fiery offensive coordinator improves the offenses where he goes.

The Bears Weren’t A Disaster Offensively In 2017

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Despite their 5-11 record, the Chicago Bears weren’t terrible on offense this season. From incumbent Mike Glennon to rookie Mitchell Trubisky, it’s a surprise they won five games. Moreover, six of their losses are one-possession games. A few balls bounce this way, a few that way, and this could be an eight or nine-win team. The fiery offensive coordinator was a quarterbacks coach for the 2015 season under offensive coordinator Adam Gase. Once Gase took the coaching job in Miami, Loggains was promoted to offensive coordinator and has called plays the past two seasons.

Almost immediately, the Bears saw an offensive explosion. It got slightly better with Loggains calling plays. I didn’t include his time in Chicago in the coaching history because this stop was a lot different from the others. While Jay Cutler isn’t exactly Joe Montana, he is much better than what Loggains had to work with before.

The offense improved in yards per game (356.5), yards per play (5.9) and rushing yards per play (4.57). 2016 was a magical year for Loggains as he broke some Bears franchise records. With three different quarterbacks (Matt Barkley, Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer), the Bears accumulated 4,139 gross yards and 3,969 net passing yards; both are top three in franchise history. Explosive plays are something Miami has desperately missed this year. In 2016, Loggains’ offense tied for fifth in the NFL for plays of 10+ yards with 230.

This is interesting because Loggains’ offenses have looked better than Miami’s. Gase called plays in 2015, but Loggains surpassed his offense in 2016. Maybe Gase can put their combined genius together and produce something watchable on the field.

The Talk Is Positive

Even though initially this hire was confusing, now it makes more sense. Maybe Loggains won’t even really call any plays since Gase calls his own. Perhaps he and Gase will call them together. Nobody will know until next season. However, other media members and coaches have high praise for the coordinator. Lester Wiltfong is a writer from Windy City Gridiron, the SB Nation site covering the Bears, had some mostly positive comments on Loggains:

“Being pass happy was a complete 180 from what Loggains did this season. Run, run, pass was his series of calls most of this year. It was a running joke among those that followed the Bears, but I honestly think that had more to do with head coach John Fox wanting things to be easy for rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. I’ve never seen a more predictable offense in all my years of watching the NFL, but some of that could have been because they didn’t fully trust the rookie with the entire playbook. Towards the end of the 2017 season, it seemed like Fox allowed Loggains to open things up for Trubisky, and the offense looked competent in flashes.”

Many media members around the NFL don’t understand it from a numbers standpoint. None of Loggains’ offenses have been explosive, except for in spurts. However, John Fox apparently was severely limiting what Loggains could do with the offense. Cleveland was competent on offense but never really had a quarterback. The amount of talent in Miami should definitely give him a chance to work some magic.

Bottom Line

Current offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen will be moving to a new role within the organization. With the fiery offensive coordinator from Chicago coming in, can he produce an elite offense? New plays and formations from his unique offense should bring a little spice. But, if Gase calls 100 percent of the plays next season, what will really change? With Ryan Tannehill coming back, there is obviously going to be some improvement. Alternatively, Tannehill will have to learn new methods and reads from a new coach. Ultimately, I don’t expect this hire to do much to the offense, but Loggains will give his input on specific sets and formations. More than anything, Gase has a buddy of his coaching under him again. His familiarity with Adam Gase can, hopefully, provide a much-needed spark to this Miami offense.