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3 Quick Thoughts: Miami Dolphins Stunned By New York Jets

Dolphins stunned JC Ruiz via Flickr


Dolphins Stunned By New York Jets

The panic has begun. The Miami Dolphins traveled to New York with an easy week in mind. The practice was half-speed, half the offense was absent. The players and coaches simply didn’t take the Jets seriously, and they regret it. The 20-6 score doesn’t tell the whole story, this was a blowout. This is reminiscent of the first week of the preseason. If this team had an ounce of talent on offense, the Dolphins would have lost by a lot more. “Dolphins Stunned By New York Jets” . . . here are some reasons why.

Jay Cutler Looked Bad

You expected the offense to take a step forward against a talent depleted defense. However, Jay Culter made the Jets look very good. The offensive line is not to blame this week. Completing 26 passes on 44 attempts is already ugly, but Cutler looked almost injured throwing the ball. So many passes short-hopped or went over the receiver’s head. There will be questions as to the play calling, but Cutler just did not make the throws. Receivers were open; routes were clean. Don’t hit the panic button yet, but Jay Cutler needs to play better football.

What Is Defense?

By all accounts, the Jets have possibly one of the worst offenses in the NFL. Josh McCown is the quarterback; an aged Matt Forte is the tailback. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker are gone. How did this team march down the field time after time against Miami? Head coach Adam Gase defended the defense saying, “They did what they could with 40 minutes of possession.” The Jets had the ball for 36 minutes, 12 more than the Dolphins. After so long, the defense becomes gassed. The Dolphins stunned on defense is not a surprise. The best defense is a good offense, and Miami has neither. However, the rushing defense still has issues. Holes open and abundant, the Jets outrushed the Dolphins before halftime. Passing defense didn’t even show up. The Jets outgained Miami 336-225 in total yardage, but it wasn’t even that close.

Adam Gase Is Humbled

In my opinion, this is the first humbling game for Adam Gase and the Miami Dolphins. Gase is both the head coach and offensive play caller. So the blame does rest solely on his shoulders. The offense was pathetic, and the defense fell apart as a result. “They just beat the (heck) out of us,” Gase said. “That’s the best way to put it. We didn’t show up, didn’t play physical.” Miami didn’t convert a third down until the third quarter and finished just 1 for 12. After three-quarters, the Dolphins had managed just 81 total yards and five first downs.

That’s bad. No matter how you slice it, this is not a very good football team right now, whether they sleepwalked through the game or not.