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The Dynamic Gronk Is Better Than Kelce

Dynamic Gronk RWM via Flickr


The Dynamic Gronk Is Better Than Kelce

Travis Kelce‘s recent play has led many NFL fans to believe that when compared to Rob Gronkowski, Kelce is a better tight end. While Kelce is a fantastic player, to say that he is the best tight end in the NFL is completely disrespecting the impact that Rob Gronkowski has on defenses. Simply put, the dynamic Gronk is still better than Kelce.

Despite Injuries, Gronk Is Still Effective

Perhaps the main argument against Gronkowski regards his durability. Gronkowski has not in his entire career played through a full season. However, Travis Kelce missed his rookie season due to a knee injury and hadn’t missed a game since. Kelce has proved himself to be a constant durable threat.

However, the argument shifts in Gronk’s favor when the stats between the two are compared. Since 2014, Travis Kelce has 19 touchdown catches and is averaging 60.2 yards per game in 57 games. In 36 games, Rob Gronkowski has caught an incredible 29 touchdown receptions and is averaging 73.4 yards per game. Although Gronk has missed a large sum of games, he still has outperformed Kelce with far fewer opportunities.

An Irreplaceable X-Factor

Another reason why Gronkowski is better than Kelce is that he is an irreplaceable “x-factor.” Gronk’s appearance on the field can change the game-plan of a defense entirely. Teams that are fearful that Tom Brady will exploit Gronk’s size advantage will triple cover Gronk, and Gronk still occasionally will beat the coverage. Compare this to defenses facing Travis Kelce that game-planned for Jamaal Charles, and more recently Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill. At most, Kelce will draw linebacker coverage with safety assistance.

Gronkowski is also a perfect fit for the Patriot’s offense. Teams that have to triple cover Gronkowski leave other options wide open. One season wonders like Keshawn Martin and Kenbrell Thompkins exist in Patriots history. Gronk receives extra attention and Brady takes advantage of it.

Aside from frequent injuries, I believe Gronkowski is still the best tight end in the NFL.