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4 Biggest Questions Facing The Chargers

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4 Biggest Questions Facing The Chargers

So many questions, so little time. Where is the NFL season? When will the Chargers finally stop disappointing me? It’s just time for football. Baseball is a great sport but Aaron Judge can only entertain for so long. We need big hits, interceptions, and touchdowns on our Sundays and we need them now.

For Chargers fans, we need to know when all the hype and potential will turn into results. Every offseason we have one of the best teams on paper but that talent never transfers to the turf. Whether it be injuries or turnovers, we can’t seem to get out of our own way.

This offseason has been a time of change and optimism. However, there are still questions that need to be answered during training camp and preseason. Here are the four biggest questions going into the 2017 season.

4. New Surroundings

It still feels weird writing Los Angeles Chargers, but we must adjust to the times. The Chargers are heading to California after spending 56 seasons in San Diego. Well, Carson, California but you get the point.

The Chargers will have to win over a huge fan base, that for right now, does not want them. Even though, you can make the argument that the Chargers are the second-best team in California and the best in LA. But results are what win fans over, and the Chargers will have to prove their worth in their new home.

The Chargers only have nine wins in their past 32 games, so there is room for improvement. Playing during the middle of relocating to a new city, can be tough for any team. Athletes are creatures of habit and it will take time for players to get into their routines while having to live and play in an unfamiliar environment. How the Chargers respond to this change will ultimately decide their season.

3. Offensive Line

The Chargers offensive line honestly gives me a headache sometimes. The lack of attention this unit has received gives me a migraine. The thought of how good the Chargers could be if they had a solid line, will put me in a mental asylum. Glad I got that off my chest, it’s been bugging me for about five or six years.

The offensive line has been this teams biggest weakness for some time now. Rivers and the Chargers might be Super Bowl contenders if the line was better. But, for the past three seasons Rivers has ranked in the top ten in sacks for the entire league and is constantly on the move, forcing bad throws because his offensive lines have been unable to provide him adequate protection.

The Chargers set out to revamp the offensive line by signing veteran left tackle Russell Okung and drafting guards Forrest Lamp and Dan Feeney. With veterans Matt Slauson and Joe Barksdale on the roster, the line will have more experience than in recent years. Time will tell if that experience translates into production.

2. Defense

Talk about a high risk, high reward unit. The Chargers defense gave up the fourth most points in the entire league last season. However, they also tied for fourth in takeaways with 28. The talent is there, the decision-making is what’s lacking.

The Chargers would too often go for the big play instead of the smart one. This ball hunter mentality is necessary for all great defenses, especially in young groups. However, if this unit hopes to move into the upper echelon a sense of restraint must be brought in.

The team will be relying on young play makers like Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, and Jason Verrett to make big strides next season. Bosa and Ingram are coming off outstanding seasons where both finished in the top 30 in sacks. Verrett’s career has been plagued by injuries, but in the limited time he spent on the field, he has shown “shut-down” potential. The progression and health of these three will factor greatly into the performance of the 2017-18 Chargers.


That was a beautiful segue into our final question, health. Name a key player on the roster and most likely they have missed time with some sort of injury. Actually, name any player on the roster and they have most likely missed the game action at some point.

I don’t know what the Chargers did to anger the football gods but they really need to fix it. When your key play makers aren’t on the field consistently it strains the entire team. But, when the backups start to get injured, it’s just a recipe for disaster.

On paper, this squad is one of the most talented in the league. They have one of the best quarterbacks in the league, Philip Rivers. They have young talent in Melvin Gordon, tight end Hunter Henry, and Bosa. Veterans Antonio Gates and Brandon Mebane provide leadership and experience to both units. This team has the roster to compete with the best in the league when healthy. Health is the only problem.