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Preseason Hot Takes For The Dallas Cowboys

Hot takes Brook Ward via Flickr


Preseason Hot Takes Training Camp Edition.

Hot takes for everybody!

It’s the first day of August, training camps are in full effect, and hot takes are being served.

Honestly for a team that went 13-3 last season. And featured two rookie draft picks that were MVP candidates. Any optimistic speculation for the next season would almost seem expected.

I will try to remain as realistic as possible.

However, I have to mention that I said repeatedly off the record this time last summer that Ezekiel Elliott would lead the league in rushing. And that hypothetically, if Dallas had Dak Prescott on their roster during that miserable 2015-16 season. The season that featured the a horrid Brandon Weeden and Matt Cassel era. That Dallas would have been a playoff team then. Remember the Washington Redskins won the division that year at a very mediocre 9-7. Dallas finished 4-12 that season, and was unbelievably in the playoff race for majority of that season.

But I digress.

Ezekiel Elliott Will Repeat as Rushing Champ

Barring any suspension handed down from Roger Goddell and league offices, Zeke Elliott will win the rushing title, again!

Just typing that I can hear the noise from those thinking Le’Veon Bell will run away with the rushing title, literally. Those people will be quick to remind me how Le’Veon finished top-5 in rushing yards last season.  After missing three games in the beginning of last years season for substance abuse.

I hear ya, not buying it though.

Ezekiel in my opinion will be a faster, stronger, and more experienced version of himself. Which will translate to more monster games like those of last season.

Elliott spoke earlier in the off-season on how he felt he could have finished a lot more of his runs last year. Basically admitting he believes he left a lot of yards on the field last season.

Zeke will be running behind a younger offensive line, with La’el Collins stepping in at right tackle. Following the retirement of Doug Free.

Not to mention the improvement of Dak Prescott helps immensely.

And man their are some weapons for Dak to utilize this season, which will put defenses in precarious situations where you simply can’t just stack the box.

Expect even more “feed me” gestures this year guys.

All of that on top of the fact that maybe to Ezekiel Elliott, this type of success is the norm. Ezekiel was the best running back in high school, the best prospect in college. It’s almost natural in my opinion that Zeke continues this streak of dominance.

Anthony Brown Will Make His First Pro Bowl

I loved what Dallas got out of  defensive back Anthony Brown, a sixth round draft pick and former Purdue Boilermaker.

One of my hot takes is that Anthony Brown will make his first pro bowl.

If not for the amazing seasons from fellow rookies Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, and Maliek Collins, Anthony Brown would be a house hold name by now. But believe me, by the end of this season, he will be.

A very fast guy coming out of college. Brown clocked a 4.35 at the NFL Combine.

For a faster guy Brown loves to tackle and doesn’t mind sticking his nose in their to make some plays. He proved to be a reliable defender for a running defense that was first in the league.

Brown was asked to do a lot last season, as starter Orlando Scandrick was sidelined most of the season due to injury, along with starter Morris Claiborne.

As expected Brown needed lessons and time to help adjust to the professional level. But once he came along he was special.

During the final five weeks of the season Anthony Brown allowed the fewest yards per coverage snap of any NFL corner back according to Pro Football Focus. Second on that list was Denver Bronco, Bradley Roby.

I expect for Brown to continue to develop and progress into one of the top corners in the NFL.

The Dallas Cowboys Will Sweep the NFC and AFC West

Here’s a hot take with steam coming off for you.

Last years Dallas Cowboys were so good, that entire divisions fell victim to their dominance. Last years victims were the AFC North and the NFC North.

I believe this years victims will be the NFC and AFC West.

The NFC West as a division is on a steady decline in my opinion. The Seahawks and Cardinals have lost juice that made them perennial bullies in the west for the past few seasons. The Rams and 49ers have first year coaches with not so good quarterbacks. Sweep!

In regards to the AFC West.

What concerns me about my prediction is not the teams in the division. But the date of a particular match-up that could be a super bowl preview.

Dallas plays the Oakland Raiders in Oakland, on December 17. My only concern about this game is that simply the Cowboys may not need this win as much as Oakland might at this point of the season.

I expect both teams to be in the playoffs of course. I think Dallas will finish close to last years record at 13-3. While I have Oakland finishing at something like 11-5.

In my opinion Dallas could have the NFC East already won. Saying that with three weeks left in the season may prove to be absurd. But I do expect Dallas to run away with the NFC East early, making some of the December games not as important.

The Dallas Cowboys Will Represent the NFC in the Superbowl

Again, I am projecting another 13-3 campaign for the Dallas football Cowboys.

That record will again win the number one seed in the NFC. This year however they capitalize with some post season victories.

Losing that playoff game against the Green Bay Packers in last years Divisional Round was probably one of the most painful things I have ever watched on television.

However, as a competitor my self. I know sometimes pain such as that, can prove to be the biggest motivation to make sure you never feel like that again.

The Dallas Cowboys will host the either the Atlanta Falcons or Carolina Panthers in the NFC Championship. And after that classic, will move on play either the Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders, or New England Patriots in Minnesota for Super Bowl 52.

Right now these would be called hot takes. I fully believe these will be facts come February.