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UPDATE: How To Buy A Dutch Destroyer Bracelet


Support Families Like Lukas’ By Buying A Dutch Destroyer Bracelet

UPDATE: Katelyn Kusters provided an update on the Dutch Destroyer bracelet movement earlier today. Thanks to all of you, is having great success!

Lukas Kusters was a Philadelphia Eagles fan to the core. All he wanted to do in his life was to play football. Specifically, he wanted to grow up to play football for his Eagles. Sadly, he will not get to live his dream. In 2016, Lukas received a diagnosis of Rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a form of cancer; sporadic in most cases. In June of this year, after fighting the disease for almost a year, Lukas passed away. However, you can help keep his dream alive and honor his memory thanks to his mother, Katelyn Kusters, by buying a Dutch Destroyer bracelet here or by donating on the website, Live Like Lukas.

Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz Helped Bring Light To Lukas’ Story

Carson Wentz heard about Lukas’ story in April 2017 when he re-entered the hospital. Wentz decided to send him a video with words of encouragement. Carson later got the chance to meet Lukas. The Eagles quarterback introduced Lukas to linebacker Jordan Hicks, and they all got the chance to spend some time together. Lukas wanted to thank Carson for the video and his good wishes. It was a dream come true for Lukas and while offering his thanks to Wentz, he presented him with his very own Dutch Destroyer bracelet. Carson has worn his Dutch Destroyer bracelet in every game so far this season. He has stated that he never takes the bracelet off and that it runs far deeper than just football.

There's so many reasons why I love playing this game of football. But one of the most humbling and incredible opportunities that I've been blessed with is the ability to meet people like this. This is Lukas Kusters– also known as "The Dutch Destroyer" on the football field! Lukas is 9 years old and is battling a tumor and cancer and things aren't looking great. It's kids like this who inspire me. This kid has been a fighter for a year and a half and has never given up hope. I can't even fathom going through that at the age of 9. Nor could I fathom being one of his many incredible family members– having to watch their brother/son go through something that heart-wrenching. Lukas' wish was to meet me and hang out with me…. so, yesterday, @jhicks_3 and I had the awesome opportunity of showing Lukas and his family around the facility– including the locker room (which his mom wasn't allowed in– sorry mom!), and we got to eat lunch with all of them. We were able to bring the entire family joy in one of the most painful situations life can throw at you. It's such a humbling experience and I can't thank God enough for giving me this platform. I know sometimes things in life don't always make sense– but I do know that the Lord has a plan– as hard as it can be to see and understand at times. I don't know why this family and this little boy are experiencing this, but they are attacking it with all they have and that is the most honorable thing they can do. I will continue praying for a miracle for the Kuster family and the little "Dutch Destroyer"– and I hope all of you out there will join me in those prayers– cuz they are needed. "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:7

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Lukas’ Mom, Katelyn, Hopes To Help Other Families Affected By Cancer

Katelyn’s mission is to get people to buy the Dutch Destroyer bracelet or donate money so the funds can go to non-profit organizations that Lukas loved and who will do their best to help out other families facing similar issues. By giving and purchasing Dutch Destroyer bracelets, you can become a unique part of helping to make sure families do not have to go through this alone.

A Story For Everybody, Not Just Eagles Fans

The story of Lukas Kusters is one for everybody. Most of us know someone who is fighting cancer or has lost the battle against this terrible disease. In the SC Featured video, you will learn more about the Dutch Destroyer’s inspiring fight and also why it should not just be Eagles fans contributing to the cause.