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Can Nick Foles Be The Eagles’ Case Keenum?

Can Nick Foles be the Eagles' Case Keenum? Carmelo Santiago / Flickr


Can Nick Foles be to the Eagles what Case Keenum is for the Vikings?

The Eagles have lost QB Carson Wentz for the season due to an ACL tear in his left knee, it’s a sad day in Philadelphia. However, the Eagles have one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL with Nick Foles. This will be Foles’ second stint as the starting QB for the Eagles, as he was the starter during the 2013-2014 season. During that season Foles had eye-popping numbers, with a 27-2 TD/INT ratio and 119.2 quarterback rating. Foles had a breakout season, including tying Peyton Manning’s 7 TD single game TD record, after putting up 49 points against the Raiders. The question everyone is asking is, can Nick Foles take the Eagles to the Super Bowl?

Foles has the ability to command an explosive offense, but the Eagles may not need that from him in order to be successful going forward. The Eagles can take a similar approach that the Minnesota Vikings have taken with Case Keenum, which is through good defense and ball control. The Eagles definitely have the ability to play this style of grind it out football. Everyone knows the famous saying “Defense wins championships”, so if the Eagles are to make a deep playoff run this year they are going need the defense to step-up.

Can the Eagles defense and run game step up?

The Eagles offense was having a great season under Carson Wentz scoring over 30 points per game. Now that Nick Foles is the starter you will see that number go down, in short, the Eagles defense needs to step up. The defense was already showing signs of doing just that after Carson Wentz went out against the Rams. After letting up 35 points in the first three and half quarters, the defense became much more stout forcing two turnovers in the fourth quarter. The Eagles defense shut out the Rams in the 4th quarter allowing the Eagles to win without needing another offensive touchdown. I hope that this small glimpse of resilience shows that the Eagles defense is up for the challenge.

The Eagles have been able to rely on Carson Wentz’s arm for a tune of 33 passing TDs this season, which led the NFL. With the passing offense taking a hit with Foles now under center, the Eagles will need to lean on the run game. Luckily running back Jay Ajayi looks to be getting comfortable with his offense after his 15 carry 78-yard game last week against a stout Rams front seven.

Nick Foles has a better Eagles team

The Eagles have much better weapons than they did during the 2013-2014 season. Foles weapons included DeSean Jackson, Riley Cooper, Jason Avant, Brent Celek, and a rookie Zach Ertz. In comparison to who the Eagles have now in Alshon Jeffery, an emerging Nelson Agholor, and now elite TE in Zach Ertz, Foles has more playmakers. Can Nick Foles replicate his 2013-2014 season? The Eagles hope so as Foles has the weapons to lean on as well as playoff experience.

Head Coach Doug Pederson has confidence in Foles

When Nick Foles came in the game against the Rams the Eagles passed every play the first drive without mixing in any run plays. This shows the confidence that Head Coach Doug Pederson has in Foles, and it was rightfully so. Foles commanded two drives for field goals to give the Eagles the lead late. This comes to no surprise as Pederson is very familiar with Foles. Pederson was on the Eagles staff when they drafted Foles in 2012, and Foles and Pederson were together in Kansas City in 2016. Foles has been watching Carson Wentz have an MVP caliber year this season, but now it is his time and he is not the type of player to take it for granted.