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Will An Eagles Assistant Coach Be Coaching In New York Next Season?

Eagles Assistant Coach


Will The Philadelphia Be Searching For A New Eagles Assistant Coach In 2018?

Eagles Assistant Coach Frank Reich

Eagles Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich may be coaching for another team in 2018. In 2017, Reich had an interview to be the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills. Luckily for us here in Philly, the Bills went with Sean McDermott, a former Eagles assistant coach and defensive coordinator under Andy Reid. This offseason there is no doubt that teams will again be looking to get Reich away from the Eagles. Carson Wentz and the Eagles offense have taken a great leap in year two, and Reich is somewhat responsible for that. Reich’s proven ability to develop a young quarterback will be one of the main reasons he will be sought-after.

Frank Reich is a former quarterback and is known for his time as a backup under Jim Kelley. This is similar to the background of head coach Doug Peterson, so teams will believe that he will be able to replicate what they have done with Wentz. The New York Giants will have Reich on their short list this offseason. As their need to bridge the gap between Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and the new face of the franchise will be on the top of everyone’s list in New York. However, as much as I want Reich to get his opportunity as a head coach, I hope it isn’t for a division rival.

Who will replace Frank Reich if he does indeed leave? The Eagles may not have to look outside of the current staff to find a replacement.

Eagles Assistant Coach John DeFilippo

The relationship between a quarterback and a quarterback coach is one thing that has a big impact on any offense. In the 2017 offseason, the Eagles denied the Jets request to interview quarterback coach John DeFilippo. This was an interesting move since he is only the quarterback coach, but to a young quarterback, consistency is key. This is especially true because of the interest offensive coordinator Frank Reich also received, as I mentioned earlier. If Reich is able to land a gig elsewhere, the Eagles have a fine candidate in Defilippo to be the new offensive coordinator. This is going to be the plan in 2018, so no need to sweat as Carson Wentz and the offense will be in good hands under DeFilippo.