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Eagles Can Afford To Give Darby The Extra Rest

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Eagles Cornerback Ronald Darby Could Use The Extra Rest

Not many people thought the Philadelphia Eagles (5-1) would survive cornerback Ronald Darby’s horrific injury in Week 1. Darby’s dislocated ankle left the Eagles secondary vulnerable, and it was hard to believe Philadelphia’s backups would step up in Darby’s absence. On the contrary, they have exceeded expectations and haven’t missed Darby as much as some had expected. Eagles cornerbacks like Patrick Robinson and Rasul Douglas have taken advantage of their opportunities and have proven that they can handle the work while letting Darby get some extra rest. Darby has officially returned to practice and could suit up for the Monday Night Football game against the Washington Redskins.

The Defense Doesn’t Need Darby, At Least Not Yet

The Eagles are sitting at 5-1 and have convinced a majority of their fan base that the division title is within reach. The defense is playing well as a unit, and that is excellent news for Darby’s recovery. There will come a time when the Eagles secondary will need depth but that time has not arrived yet. Philly relies on their defensive line and linebacker corps to slow down opposing offenses, and it has worked out, so far. Darby’s return can wait for another game or two because he needs to be 100% for the remainder of the season.

Carson Wentz And The Offense Are Handling Their Business

We have witnessed NFL teams get away with having an average defense whenever they have a quarterback that can sling it. For instance, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have demonstrated this season after season. Carson Wentz is currently displaying it with the Eagles and how well he is guiding this offense in games. Wentz has been spectacular on third downs, which helps extend drives. Philadelphia’s offense is No. 1 in time of possession, and their fans can thank Wentz for that. All of these factors help the defense out by keeping them fresh and putting pressure on opposing offenses to keep up during games.

Rushing Darby Back Is Not In The Eagles Best Interests

Cornerback Ronald Darby’s dislocated right ankle in Week 1 was absolutely horrific. It looked like Darby was going to miss the entire regular season after seeing him go down awkwardly in that way. That being said, the Eagles should be careful with his return and make sure he is at 100% before sending him back onto the field. Should Philly force Darby back when they do not need to, it could cast a negative light on the team. An extra week or two of practice and rest before sending him back on the field will be ideal.

Darby’s Return Means The Best Is Yet To Come For The Philly Defense

The cornerback position was the most criticized for the Eagles in the offseason. Fans were dreading to see their secondary in games because they felt it lacked talent. The outlook on the entire defense has drastically changed, and now expectations are higher than ever. Darby’s return can wait, and Philadelphia fans should not be so eager to send him back on the field. The best is yet to come. This defense has proven they can win games without Ronald Darby. Ultimately, things will only get better by giving him a little extra rest before his return.