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Eagles Depth Is Key Ingredient In Recipe For Defensive Line Dominance



Eagles Depth Is Key Ingredient In Recipe For Defensive Line Dominance

This season, the Eagles have had a very dominant defense. In week 10 against Dallas, the Eagles shut out the Cowboys in the second half and didn’t allow a touchdown the entire game. In week 11 against the Bears, the Eagles also did not allow a touchdown, making it two consecutive weeks doing so.

One of the keys to the dominance in the run game this season has been keeping the defensive line fresh. The Eagles have enough defensive line depth that they are able to bring in four fresh linemen into the game and not have to change scheme. This is something not a lot of other teams are able to do.

The First Wave

So far this season, when Vinny Curry Fletcher Cox, Tim Jernigan, and Brandon Graham are lined-up, which has been for 66 plays this season, opposing offenses have averaged 4.88 yards per play. Fletch was out a few games and that is why the number of plays is so low. When Beau Allen was in due to the Fletcher Cox injury, this lineup played 19 plays with a 4.63 yards per play. That is elite, as far as production

The Second Wave

The Eagles have enough depth at the defensive line position to sub multiple players in the game without it affecting their scheme. Derek Barnett (DE), Chris Long (DE), Destiny Vaeo and Beau Allen(DT) have served as the primary players for relief this season. When these players are in the lineup together, which has been for 34 plays this season, the average yards per play was 4.48.

Each player provides different upside based on their specific skill set. Derek Barnett is the first Eagles rookie since Trent ‘The Hunter’ Cole in 2005, to have two multi-sack games. Getting production out of your first round pick in his rookie season is always a good indicator if the pick was successful.

Depth at the defensive line position has led to the Eagles stout defense, where the Second Wave is actually holding opposing offenses to .40 fewer yards per play than the First Wave.

The Eagles face two tough west coast opponents on the road in back to back weeks in the Seahawks and Rams. This road trip will be the final litmus test to gauge how good the Eagles depth at the defensive line really is.






Photo by Keith Allison