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The Eagles Preseason Performances Show Some Good

Eagles preseason performances Andrew Kenney Via Flickr


The Eagles Preseason Performances Show The Good In These Players

This Philadelphia Eagles team still has some questions to answer this preseason. The Eagles preseason performances have been conflicting, to say the least. For instance, they have seen plenty of good from their players. However, they have also seen plenty of bad from some of them. Eagles fans are eager to know what to expect from their players when the regular season starts. There are specific players the team will expect to produce at a high level and others that will fail to meet the coaching staff’s expectations.

The List of Players That Have Impressed This Preseason, Thus Far 

It’s Not A List Without Carson Wentz

At this point, sophomore quarterback Carson Wentz is the player on top of this list. Wentz will carry the weight of this team on his shoulders for arguably his entire career. The growth he’s shown during the preseason is undeniable and he can do more when he has the right arsenal around him. No doubt that the offense is in good hands and Wentz is ready to show his good stuff in the upcoming regular season. This team will go as far as Wentz takes them and Eagles fans are hoping their quarterback has his eyes set on the prize.

Rookie Mack Hollins Gets A Shout Out

The former North Carolina wide receiver stole Eagles fans’ hearts in his first preseason game. He’s shown the ability to get away from defenders and displayed what good hands he possesses this preseason. In fact, he looked so good against the Green Bay Packers that the team shipped wide receiver Jordan Matthews off to Buffalo, without seeing Hollins play in the regular season. In their defense, the rookie has played exceptional football and is a potential steal for Philly. Hollins will have the opportunity to prove the coaching staff made the right decision.

Derek Barnett Earned His Spot On This List

This guy is an animal. The potential that Barnett possess is off the charts. Three sacks in three games for the defensive end and much more to come in the regular season. He is a disruptive player that will help the defense in so many different ways. His pressures on the quarterback can alter games, just like his sacks. The Eagles have to put him on the field and let him do this thing. They won’t regret it.

Kendricks Sneaks In This List

In my opinion, Mychal Kendricks is an unexpected standout on this team. No doubt, he’s the only current player to achieve both love and hate with the Philadelphia fan base. In three Eagles preseason performances, Kendricks has three interceptions, a sack, and a touchdown. However, his preseason performance will prove to be a curse or blessing in due time. Still, his fate with the team has yet to be determined.

Fletcher Cox Fulfills Expectations

On the other hand, the team’s best defensive player continues his dominant ways. I know it’s a waste of time to give kudos to a player that signed a $103 million extension only a year ago, but he’s the heart of the defensive line and he has to be productive to help feed the rest of the defense. The defensive tackle is due for a career season and will have the teammates around him to help him reach new heights. Cox is a beast on his own and he will be a nuisance against opposing offenses. Eagles fans better hope his prime doesn’t go to waste.