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Foolish Calls Could Land Pederson In Hot Water

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Pederson Entered Hot Water Territory With Gamble Against New York

A victory can heal everything in football. All that matters is whether the team won or lost. The Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) watched the New York Giants (0-3) storm back into the game with 24 points in the fourth quarter. It looked like Philadelphia would cruise to a victory late in the second quarter after scoring 14 unanswered points. Earlier in the game, head coach Doug Pederson landed in hot water when he decided to go for it on 4th and 8. The Eagles defense was forced to save Pederson after his decision to go for it. What about next time?

He Will Do It Again This Season

In a press conference on Monday, coach Pederson made it known to the media that he liked the offense’s chances of converting on 4th and 8. He did not seem concerned with the potential consequences when he answered the media’s questions about his reckless play-calling. Should Eagles fans be worried? Yes. The Eagles are a team with the potential to win their division and make the playoffs with the help of good coaching. Pederson could cost his team games with this casual approach.

Coach Deserves Credit For Igniting The Running Game

Philadelphia’s offense looked much better with the running game. The only question is, can Pederson stick with it? Wentz benefitted from the running game because he did not have to throw the ball as much, in comparison to the last two games. He did not commit a single turnover, and this could be due to the balance that the running game brought to the Philadelphia offense last Sunday.

This Could Be Pederson’s Final Season With The Eagles

Well, that escalated quickly. Former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi questioned Pederson’s coaching credentials before the regular season. Lombardi said Pederson was the least qualified head coach that he has seen in his 30-plus years in the NFL. The truth is, if the Eagles do not see favorable results this season, it could put Pederson in hot water. Week 4 or 5 seems to be a bit early in the season to call for Pederson’s head, but this is how ruthless the NFL business can be.

Regardless Of This Season, Pederson Should Stay

Pederson should still keep his job to help Wentz’s development. Wentz is in a crucial stage of his development as a player and needs stability to take that next step. What’s going to happen this season is still unknown, and whatever happens, it is either going to infuriate the Philadelphia fan base or send them into bliss. I am not Pederson’s biggest fan, but the man still deserves the benefit of the doubt. That is, of course, if he sticks with the running game and doesn’t force Wentz to throw more or expose him to unnecessary hits. If that is the case, Pederson will not last very long in Philadelphia.