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Gibson Is Enduring Hardship At Training Camp

Gibson Andrew Spellman via Flickr


Shelton Gibson Still Needs Time To Adapt

Even players that are now some of the greatest in the NFL had problems adapting to the pros. Former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning is a prime example of this. He struggled to adapt in his rookie season with the Indianapolis Colts. Manning, drafted with the first overall pick by the Colts in 1998, was able to throw 26 touchdowns in his first season. However, Peyton also threw 28 interceptions. The Philadelphia Eagles lacked productive receivers on their offense. As a result, they drafted Shelton Gibson with the 166th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft.

The Versatility Shown By Gibson At West Virginia Attracted The Eagles

During his career at West Virginia, Shelton Gibson exhibited the ability to catch the ball on offense, return kicks on special teams and even forced a fumble on defense once. His display of versatility caught the eye of scouts for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Coach Pederson Talks About Gibson During Press Conference

The five-foot-eleven, 191-pound wide receiver has failed to display the best version of his game to Philadelphia’s coaching staff. Head coach Doug Pederson was asked in a press conference earlier in the week about where Gibson is in terms of development.

“He’s coming along. He is by no means, I think, where he wants to be or where we want him to be, but he’s learning our system. He’s learning a new offense.” – Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson

The Cleveland, Ohio native is considered to be a “speed” guy and coach Pederson hopes to see him use his speed to impress the team.

Gibson’s Struggles Are Becoming A Norm

Plagued by drops at the pro level, the same narrative from OTAs has followed him to training camp. Philadelphia Eagles reporter Brandon Lee Gowton tweeted that Gibson dropped five balls in the first hour of Thursday’s practice.

Ironically, the former Mountaineer had the most deep receiving yards for 2016 in the NCAA, per Pro Football Focus.

Focus Might Be The Problem For The Receiver

It’s all mental for him at this point. His only focus should be what’s happening on the field. He’s a good talent that Philadelphia can use in various ways, much like former Eagles wide receiver Josh Huff. Huff served as a receiver and kick returner during his time in Philly. Gibson can play a similar role for the team but he has to prove he can be useful during this training camp. Otherwise, he will be another player Eagles fans will see in the scrapyard like many before him.

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