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Jalen Mills’ Spot With Philly Is In Serious Trouble For Next Season


Mills Will Have To Become A Versatile Player To Avoid Serious Trouble

Philadelphia Eagles fans have grown fond of the “Green Goblin” in a short amount of time. Philadelphia drafted cornerback Jalen Mills aka Green Goblin in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft. His energy and intensity are what fans love about him along with the swagger that he brings to the defense. The 6’0 LSU player didn’t look like an “attractive” player to most teams because of his off-field incidents and injury concerns. Mills has proven to the Eagles so far that they made the right decision drafting him, but Philly will have to decide on Mills’ future next season. The Green Goblin’s spot with the team is in serious trouble for next season, and he will have to adapt to help the team.

The Green Goblin Has Experience With The Safety Position

Some Eagles fans might forget this, but Philadelphia drafted Mills as a safety. Mills played safety in his last two years at LSU and wasn’t too shabby. Could he make the switch in the pros? He might not have a choice. The Philadelphia faithful are anticipating the arrival of stud cornerback Sidney Jones. Jones has yet to practice with the team, and more than likely might not play this season. Once, Jones makes his debut next season, where does that leave Mills? It could be back to the safety position for him. Safety Malcolm Jenkins will be 30 in December, and his age could force the Eagles to experiment with Mills.

Philly Could Give Mills A Shot At The Slot

In the offseason, the Eagles signed 30-year-old cornerback Patrick Robinson to cover the slot position. The injury to cornerback Ronald Darby allowed cornerbacks like Robinson and Mills to shine this season. But the truth is Robinson is on a one-year deal, and he hasn’t had a prosperous career. Before coming to the Eagles, Robinson was considered to be an average cornerback, which is why the Eagles got him for cheap. Mills can take over the slot next season, and the Eagles will be foolish not to choose Mills that has age and potential over Robinson.

We Have Yet To See What Sidney Jones Can Do

The hype surrounding rookie cornerback Sidney Jones is real. The former Washington Husky was considered to be a first-round pick in last year’s draft and saw his stock fall because of a severe Achilles injury that happened during Washington’s pro day. Is Jones indeed a lock for the starting job? Not necessarily. Eagles fans have yet to see what Jones can do, but they’ve seen what Jalen Mills can do. Mills has only improved and has adapted to the Philly culture quickly. He’s a player that has done his job well this season, and it won’t be easy to take his job without the team doing some deep evaluation first.

The Fact Is Serious Trouble Does Lie Ahead For The Green Goblin

In only two seasons, the Green Goblin has done everything right in the eyes of Eagles fans. He’s busted his tail playing for the team and even dyed his hair green! But facts are facts and Mills will be forced out of the cornerback position with the return of Sidney Jones. Can Mills fight for the spot? Yeah, sure. He has a chance to compete for his place and could surprise many. I find it hard to see him playing the cornerback position, but the safety position is a significant possibility. He’s more likely to play as a backup cornerback/safety next season and eventually earn his way into the starting safety position. The Eagles coaching staff have a big decision to make, and I hope they make the right one.