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What Does The Jay Ajayi Trade Mean For Philly?

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Jay Ajayi Trade Means Philadelphia Believes They Have A Chance

It has been a busy Halloween for Philadelphia. The Eagles rocked the NFL world when they traded their 2018 fourth-round pick in exchange for Miami Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi. Because of what he brings to the offense, the Jay Ajayi trade is exciting news for the Eagles fan base. Ajayi is a 24-year old running back that can be a workhorse and can also contribute in pass protection. With this trade, Philadelphia’s front office made it official that they believe this team is unique and can make more than just a deep playoff run.

Ajayi Will Become The Team’s Number One Back Sooner Or Later

The Eagles started this season with running back LeGarrette Blount as their primary back. Blount has not done enough to solidify his spot. With Ajayi joining the rushing attack, it is not a secret anymore that the Eagles thought things could use a tweak. According to Pro Football Focus, Ajayi is currently ranked 19th out of 44 running backs in pass protection. The offensive line has a shaky situation after losing left tackle Jason Peters for the season. Despite what Howie Roseman told the media today, Ajayi did not come to the team to ride the bench when it is clear he’s the best runner and pass blocker on the roster.

Roseman Deserves Praise For Making The Trade Happen

It has been captivating for the Philly faithful to see Howie Roseman work his magic. Roseman has earned praises from fans by orchestrating the Sam Bradford trade and the selection of Carson Wentz. Electing to go with Wentz has proven to be one of the best decisions in the franchise’s history. The acquisition of Ajayi can join the list of Roseman’s amazing moves by the end of the season.

Low Risk, High Reward Kind Of Move

Since the trade happened earlier today, plenty of rumors are flying around about why the Miami Dolphins let this deal happen. Some of the stories include Ajayi’s questionable attitude and whether Ajayi can last in the league. His durability is one of the crucial questions because he does have a history of injuries. Honestly speaking, it’s too early to tell because he’s only 24-years old. He had a knee injury in the past, but the Eagles just had to give up a fourth-round pick to obtain him. It’s a good move no matter how anyone wants to look at it because of his high ceiling. He produced three 200-yard rushing games last year, and he could potentially have more in store. Anyone calling this move a bad one is a fool. Howie, you have outdone yourself with this Jay Ajayi trade.