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Jordan Matthews Trade A Desperate Move

Jordan Matthews Trade Olton Hall Via Flickr


Jordan Matthews Trade Sends Him To Buffalo In Multi-Team Trade

The Jordan Matthews trade allowed the Philadelphia Eagles to acquire cornerback Ronald Darby from the Buffalo Bills on Friday. In exchange, the Bills will receive the veteran wide receiver and a 2018 third-round pick from the Eagles. The Los Angeles Rams also played a role in what seems like a game of musical chairs. The Rams received wide receiver Sammy Watkins and a 2018 sixth-round pick from the Bills, in exchange for cornerback E.J. Gaines and a 2018 second-round pick.

Is Chip Kelly Still Working For The Eagles?

Chip Kelly is gone from Philadelphia. It didn’t stop the team from pulling off a Kelly-like move when they decided to make the Jordan Matthews trade to the Bills. It isn’t a mystery why the team pulled the trigger. The Eagles cornerbacks are inexperienced and have shown they can’t be relied on. Bringing in Ronald Darby automatically means he will be one of the starting cornerbacks for the Philly defense this season.

The Trade Shook The Team, Whether You Want To Admit It Or Not

“Football is a business” has been the most common response from some Philadelphia fans. Quarterback Carson Wentz commented on the trade and said it was “out of the blue.” Reuben Frank from CSN tweeted that Wentz took part in a “going away” dinner at Bar Amis with the wide receiver before his departure to Buffalo. It’s important to mention that it wasn’t just Wentz who went to dinner with Matthews. Other Eagles players like Chris Maragos, Zach Ertz, Trey Burton and Jordan Hicks were also present.

The Defense Might Have Benefitted But At The Cost Of The Offense

The truth is, none of the Eagles players saw the trade coming. Team chemistry is vital to its success and arguably one of the most underrated factors in the sport of football. The Eagles gave away Wentz’s favorite target and his “best friend” when they shipped Matthews off to the Bills. The two displayed great chemistry last season and in the Eagles’ first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers this past week. Wentz only has two true targets from last year, which are Ertz and Agholor.

The Eagles Will Be Relying On Receivers That Are Unproven To The Team

Who’s going to fill Matthews’ shoes? The Eagles made the move out of desperation. Philly is desperate to win but the reality is, this upcoming season was never going to end with a Lombardi trophy. It was never going to because it’s a trial season for the Eagles, especially for Wentz. They will be relying on an injury-prone Alshon Jeffery, an inconsistent Nelson Agholor, a rookie in Mack Hollins and Torrey Smith, whose time with the Eagles can go either way. Just a reminder, Jeffery signed a one-year deal with the Eagles and Agholor was nearly on his way out after last year’s disastrous season.

Jordan Matthews Deserved To Play The Final Year Of His Contract 

Mack Hollins showed potential against the Packers, but he’s still a rookie. Rookies are going to have their ups and downs. Even something as horrible as a season-ending injury is a possibility. Matthews might have had one year left on his rookie contract, but he deserved the chance to prove himself. It’s not his fault that he’s had to deal with different coaches, different offensive systems, and different quarterbacks during his tenure with the Eagles.

The Eagles Panicked

The cornerback situation has them really worried. Darby will have to play the best football of his short career to prove that the Eagles made the right decision. Even that doesn’t guarantee that he will receive an extension with the team. The trading of Matthews could have its repercussions and time will tell if Philadelphia did the correct move. Good luck, Philly.