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Reich, Schwartz Shed Light On Eagles Camp

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Lukewarm Start To Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp Is Concerning

Philadelphia Eagles training camp has begun and things are starting to unfold. The Eagles are having an impartial start to camp and the coaching staff press conferences from this week imply so. Offensive coordinator Frank Reich along with defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz gave updates on this past week of Eagles training camp. The cornerback position has been a concern and nothing has changed in camp. On the offensive side of the ball, things are going slightly better, in terms of progress. However, key players like running back LeGarrette Blount and wide receiver Alshon Jeffery have missed days of practice this past week. Blount’s absence is due to personal reasons and Jeffery has been dealing with a sprained shoulder.

Reich Talks Pumphrey, Seumalo And Agholor

Offensive coordinator Reich commented on running back Donnel Pumphrey missing practice. As a result of missing a couple of practices, Pumphrey seems to be behind in progress compared to other players on offense. With preseason just around the corner, it’s not good to hear a rookie is not getting any reps.

Apparently, Seumalo And Jernigan Have Been Going At It

Reich commented on the battles that guard Isaac Seumalo and defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan have participated in.

“He’s rising to the challenge, going against Timmy Jernigan every day. I see Isaac getting better. He’s going up against a formidable for every day in practice,”-Reich.

According to Reich, wide receiver Nelson Agholor has been making big plays on a consistent basis. The question for Agholor is can he do it in the regular season? He will have this upcoming season to answer his critics.

Don’t Forget About Smallwood

Reich said some good things about running back Wendell Smallwood and calls his instincts “above average”, which means he could be considering giving him more touches this season.

Schwartz Got Bombarded With Questions About The Cornerbacks

On Wednesday, defensive coordinator Schwartz partook in a press conference in which the first five questions were concerning the cornerback position. Schwartz told the media that “all guys have made plays”, but he’s seeking consistency in the cornerback position. Schwartz sounded annoyed with the questions regarding the cornerbacks and made it obvious with his response on Ron Brooks’ quad injury.

“We’re really staying on the cornerback position, aren’t we? (laughter) You know; I think obviously he had a major injury. He has come back and hasn’t missed any day.” -Schwartz

Schwartz reminded the media that it’s only been a few days since camp started and it’s still too early to judge. It sounds like someone who isn’t confident about what he’s seen so far from his players.

Don’t Hold Your Breath On Sidney Jones

Rookie cornerback Sidney Jones’ return to the field is still a mystery. He has been with the team watching film and is keeping up with what the defense is doing. Schwartz says he still has a lot to learn but he is a “smart guy” and picks things up quickly.

The Next Step For Cox To Become A Great Player

The conversation eventually shifted its focus to the defensive line. A question about Fletcher Cox was brought to Schwartz about what he needs to do to take the next step in his development. Schwartz said Cox has to find different ways to still be productive against teams that will give him extra attention. This is what will transform Cox from a good player to a great player.

What’s Next For The Eagles?

The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Green Bay Packers on August 10th at Lambeau Field. The Eagles might get the chance to play against quarterback Aaron Rodgers, which is an opportunity for the defense to show what they’ve got. Until then, the team has another week of training camp and focusing on getting better for the regular season. 

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