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Redskins Escape A Week 6 Upset Against 49ers

Week 6 upset Keith Allison via Flickr


Redskins Escape Week 6 Upset Versus Niners

The Redskins always have to make things tough, don’t they? Maybe that is not fair to the 49ers, but with all due respect they are a winless team, and the Redskins have been playing great football. In all fairness to the Niners, they have been playing opponents tough all year and have lost some close games. Still, Redskins fans feel like their team should have easily beaten the winless Niners. That is surprising to me because every game is tough in the NFL and making things more difficult than they should be is a habit with Washington. That was the case on Sunday, but they were able to escape a Week 6 upset by winning 26-24.

Great Game From Kirk Cousins And Chris Thompson

The offense was primed to have a good day against the 49ers. Before their matchup with Washington, the Niners were 28th in total yards allowed and 22nd in points allowed. The Redskins started fast on offense, scoring on the opening drive on a pass from Kirk Cousins to Josh Doctson.

Shockingly, that would be the only action that Doctson would see all day. I felt like he could have had a more significant impact with his big-play ability against the Niners cornerbacks. From that point, the offense would continue to roll led by Kirk Cousins and running back Chris Thompson. Thompson was effective running the ball at certain points. The most prominent impact that he had on the game was with his receiving ability. He would finish with four receptions and ten yards. Cousins would finish with 330 yards and two touchdowns while completing 25 out of 37 passes in the process. Additionally, he ran for a touchdown on a read option in the red zone.

Questionable Review

In the third quarter, leading by a touchdown, the Redskins threw a pass to Vernon Davis. On the play, Davis appeared to fumble. However, after further review, it was clear that his forearm was down before the ball came out.

The referees, to the surprise of many, did not see it this way. The ruling on the field stood as a fumble, and this set the ball up at the one-yard line for San Francisco. They would score on the ensuing play to tie the game at 17. This call changed the complexity of the game because it gave the Niners new hope and momentum. Those were vital, especially when they wanted to pull off the Week 6 upset on the road.

Rookie Troubles

The 49ers were down 14-0 in the second quarter when they decided to replace Brian Hoyer with rookie quarterback C.J. Beathard. This move proved to be an effective one because Washington did not look at any film on the young quarterback.

It sure seemed that way. Washington, at times, did not appear to have answers for Beathard. He drove the team down the field a few times. If it were not for a few drops, he would have sustained better drives. Washington tried to throw different looks at the rookie. They started out with playing mostly zone, but they had success blitzing him. Beathard was unphased even under pressure. Washington’s defense had to figure out how to contain Beathard as the game started to get close late. With under a minute remaining and winning 26-24, the Redskins defense needed answers. Beathard was able to drive his team just inside Redskins territory and was looking to get into field goal range. A huge offensive pass-interference call on Pierre Garcon knocked the Niners out of field goal range. That would eventually lead to a Kendall Fuller interception to seal the game.