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Redskins Will Look For A Week 4 Upset At Arrowhead

Week 4 Upset Keith Allison via Flickr


Can Washington Pull Off A Week 4 Upset?

For the second week in a row, the Washington Redskins will play an AFC West opponent in a primetime game. Last week it was the undefeated Oakland Raiders on Sunday night. This week they will face the undefeated Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) on Monday Night Football. This time around, however, the Redskins will be on the road in one of the most hostile environments in the NFL. Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri is where the Chiefs call home. They will look to protect their house, but the Redskins will be coming in with different plans. Can they pull off a Week 4 upset?

Weapons At Their Disposal

For Washington to have success on the offensive side of the ball, they will have to use every weapon that they have. Last week they used three different running backs, and Josh Doctson got more reps than usual. This week they will need to implement him more into the game plan. It will keep the looks off-balance and keep the Chiefs guessing. Another important factor is if Jordan Reed can play this week. When taking a look at film of Kansas City’s defense, they do not allow a lot of big plays to beat them. With the high-safety scheme that they run, they like to force plays to the inside to their athletic linebackers.

This should mean that Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder, Vernon Davis, and Chris Thompson will all be a big part of the game plan. Usually, they receive the ball on crossing patterns and more intermediate routes. If they are not, then they could still use these routes to free up Thompson or even force safety help to one side; creating one on ones. There were a couple of things that the Patriots did effectively versus the Chiefs. First, they used wheel routes to get behind zones and to isolate linebackers on running backs. This would be perfect for Chris Thompson. The second thing that they did was create man-to-man situations for Gronkowski against Eric Berry. Berry is now out for the rest of the year due to injury. If the Redskins can similarly use Jordan Reed, they should see some success.

Keeping Up The Pressure

Last week the Redskins’ defense was able to hold one of the best offenses in the NFL to only ten points and 128 yards. This week they will face the same situation. The Chiefs will come into the game third in points per game (31.0), third in total yards per game (397.3), and first in rushing yards per game (162.0). It will be a tough task to try to contain another high-powered offense. In Week 3, Greg Manusky’s defense showed that they could effectively pressure the quarterback and get sacks.

They will have to keep up this pressure to get to Alex Smith. Kansas City has already allowed 11 sacks on the year, which is good for about 3.6 sacks per game so far. The Philadelphia Eagles were able to sack Alex Smith four times in Week 2. What’s more is how great Washington’s defensive line performed against the Raiders offensive line. They were able to record four sacks in that game. Continuing this pressure would be a key to victory. That will absolutely lead to a Week 4 upset for Washington.

Combatting Versatility

One challenge that Greg Manusky and the defense face is how to deal with Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. These three are the staple of the Chiefs offense and create matchup nightmares. Tyreek Hill especially. Hill is someone whom Kansas City likes to line up all over the field, and he is very dangerous when he does.

Here he is the three in their trips set. The Chargers, unfortunately, had a linebacker shading him. This was an awful play call in this situation. The Redskins should be aware of him at all times, particularly when he is lined up inside the numbers. There he has an abundance of room to work with and can easily get open.

The Chiefs have the best rushing offense in the NFL. Their dynamic rookie running back Kareem Hunt is the reason. Washington will have to find a way to limit his success like they did last week against Oakland. Heading into that game, the Raiders were fifth in rushing offense and finished the game with only 32 yards. I do not expect to see the same result, but the Redskins defense has been tough on running backs in the first three games. If they can do this while also limiting Travis Kelce’s production, which will also be tough, they can pull off the Week 4 upset.