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Redskins Week 7 Recap: Another Loss On Monday Night

Monday night Homer McFanboy via Flickr


Redskins Lose Another Game On Monday Night

Okay, first of all, can we get a petition to prevent the Redskins from playing on Monday nights from here on out? Since 2000, the Redskins are 5-21 playing football on Monday nights. That includes the 24-34 loss that they just suffered to the Philadelphia Eagles, their division rivals. So when the question is asked, “are you ready for football on Monday night?” , my answer is a “strong” no. Since the loss to Philadelphia is the 21st since 2000, “what went wrong this time?” would be a sufficient question. Let’s take a look.

Need More Offensive Production

Washington needs more production from those not named Chris Thompson. The running back leads the team in receiving and rushing. That is not the ideal recipe for success. Going forward, they are going to need more from their outside receivers. Last night, none of the receivers had more than three catches. Also, in the first half, Terrelle Pryor did not see a snap, and Jordan Reed was used most of the time in pass protection. That is the weakest part of his game. Jordan Reed needs to be used for his receiving talents while the receivers continue to develop.

While the receivers continue to find their footing, the running game has to get better. Last night they only had a total of 75 rushing yards. If Washington’s offense wants to improve, they have to become multi-dimensional. It will help open up their passing attack more because they like to take deep shots from play action.

Third Downs Are The Achilles Heel

Third down percentage was a key stat to look at before the game between these rivals. In their Week 1 matchup, the Eagles were 8-for-14 on third downs while Washington was 3-for-11. On Monday night, the Redskins were 4-for-12 on third downs, while the Eagles were 6-for-12. The numbers may seem close, but that they do not tell the story. The Redskins did not convert a third down until the second half of the game. In the first half, they had trouble converting third and short distances, opting to pass on them instead of trying to run to pick them up.

Good teams find ways to convert third downs, especially when they are short yardage situations. On one of those third and short situations, Jordan Reed was in to block instead of running a route. That is something I do not understand. Another thing that they could not do effectively on third downs was adapt to the all-out blitzes that the Eagles were bringing.

They have to get better as a team in this area, and it is not only on the quarterback. His receivers should also have more awareness.

The Magician

The biggest third down situation came on the defensive side of the ball. The Redskins needed to get off the field down seven in the fourth quarter. The Eagles dropped back to pass, and then this happened:

Wentz has been tough to bring down all year, and this play just proves it once again. In the first meeting, Wentz burned Washington for a touchdown when they could not bring him down. He burned them once again on a crucial play in a big game on Monday night. In my opinion, that play iced the game because the Eagles finished off that drive with a touchdown. The defense was able to sack Wentz three times throughout the game, but a potential fourth sack proved to be the most costly miscue.