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Green Bay Packers 2017 Hot Takes

Green Bay Packers 2017 Hot Takes Mike Morbeck via Flickr


New Cheeseheads, New Season, New Hot Takes

GREEN BAY PACKERS 2017 HOT TAKES — The Green Bay Packers Training Camp kicked off on July 26th with Martellus Bennett sleeping on the floor of the locker room. The Packers enter the season with high hopes draped on the shoulders of Aaron Rodgers. After yet another MVP caliber season, Rodgers looks to finish the season with his second Super Bowl ring. That being said, the Packers Hot Takes would not be surprising if they were headlined by A-Rod

However, the offense is not the only side of the ball with an opportunity to dominate. The Packers bulked up their defensive line and the linebacker core. Surprisingly, it is the defensive backs the Packers picked up during the offseason look to be the difference makers. With Davon House back on the team, the Packers took Kevin King and Josh Jones in the draft.

Packers Will Close the Season With A Top-10 Defense

This first hot take may not seem too unattainable, but as Packers fans have seen, the Aaron Rodgers era has not brought defense. Rodgers has only had his team finish with a Top-10 Defense on two occasions in his career. One season ending with a Super Bowl ring, the other in heartbreak in Seattle. We have all been witness to the terrible defense the Packers have played in recent years. The best example can be found in the 2016 NFC Championship game. The Packers were blown out 44-21 with the game out of reach by halftime.

The Green Bay Packers were extremely hurt due to injury in the secondary, which lead them to give up over 363 yards per game in the past season. According to NFLGSIS, the Packers gave up 269 yards passing per game. Despite the poor yardage defensed, the Pack was able to force 25 turnovers last season. Moreover, the defensive backs healthier than imaginable in recent years. The return of Davon House will bring consistency to the cornerbacks. Rookie Kevin King adds depth to the position, paired with length, athleticism, and knowledge of the position. The addition of Josh Jones brings another hybrid safety perfect to compliment, Morgan Burnett and Clinton Dix.

Damarious Randall Will Be The Most Improved Player

This is expected to be one of the more controversial hot takes. Saying Damarious Randall had his issues last year would be a kind way of saying it. Randall was one of the Packers more consistent corners as a rookie but struggled last year. He was met with a slough of injuries, struggling to defend nearly any soul on the field.

However, Randall experienced much success his rookie season. On occasion, Randall looked as if he could develop into a number one cornerback. According to Pro Football Reference, Randall had 14 passes defended paired with three interceptions. Randall is versatile as well, pairing the previous stat line with 53 tackles.

Though Randall struggled to stay on the field last season, an offseason to get healthy may be the difference maker for him to play at an elite level. Following groin surgery, Randall can make a big step toward becoming an elite defender in this upcoming season.

Packers Sweep Division, End Season With Rodgers Second Ring

This one does not sound too crazy, right? The Packers have won their division 5 of the past 6 seasons. Additionally, Green Bay is boasting the best quarterback in NFL history by modern metrics. The defense has much room to improve but garners the roster to dominate opponents. Furthermore, the defense now contains leaders at nearly every level. Clinton-Dix leads the secondary, while Matthews is the linebackers headliner, and Mike Daniels constantly makes noise in the trenches.

Even with the defense riddled with injury, Rodgers led the team to the NFC Championship. To sum up, the Packers can return to Titletown with another trophy this season if they play their cards right. Moreover, this will be one of the more difficult hot takes to accomplish.

Cobb, Nelson, And Adams Will All Eclipse The 1,000 Yards Mark

Last season, Jordy Nelson returned to help revitalize the Packers receiving core. Prior to that, one of the popular hot takes rode on Nelson’s success. Now his success is expected once again. Following an ACL tear, Nelson looked a bit rusty to open the season but soon caught fire. Nelson would go on the lead the league in touchdowns(14) while also adding over 1,200 yards receiving.

While 1,000 yards may almost seem like a guarantee for Nelson, Adams barely missed the mark last season. After making highlight catches left and right last year, Davante Adams fell 3 yards short of 1,000. Though Adams improved his catch percentage to 62 percent, that is still below average(via Fox Sports). However, his great improvement in year three gives hope to an even higher ceiling for the receiver that had 12 touchdowns last season.

Randall Cobb is a special kind of talent. The only reason he might not reach this receiving milestone when healthy is his usage for all purpose yards, not solely receiving. If he remains healthy, then he is one of the most dangerous players in the league with the ball. Over the past couple of seasons that has been the hardest thing for Cobb to do. In his last healthy season(2014), Cobb caught 91 passes for over 1,200 yards. Cobb showed off his health in the playoffs, posting 18 receptions for 260 yards, 3 touchdowns. Lastly, his catch percentage was an impressive 75 percent in the postseason. It would not be surprising to see Cobb replicate this type of success come September.


Green Bay Packers 2017 Hot Takes