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Preseason Week 3: Green Bay Packers Offensive Balance

Offensive Balance Elvis Kennedy via flickr


Packers Look To Establish Offensive Balance

After two weeks of preseason play, the Packers have struggled to develop offensive balance or consistency. In those two weeks, the offense of the Packers has averaged a mere 185 passing yards per game (via NFLGSIS). While the Pack has had its struggles when passing, they have had worse luck when attempting to run the ball. No running back on the roster has posted a run longer than 10 yards (Kalif Phillips). Heading into Saturday’s preseason game at Mile High Stadium Cheeseheads will be looking for further improvement on the offensive side of the ball.

Aaron Rodgers’ Backups Need Work

Brent Hundley has been a phenom when he gets rid of the ball. He has completed 68 percent of his passes this preseason, with two touchdowns. However, Hundley has accounted for five of the ten preseason sacks and knocked 45 yards off the passing total. He will need to get the ball out more rapidly going forward.

Taysom Hill has looked like the front-runner to grab the number three quarterback spot. Hill has added a touchdown in the fourth quarter of both preseason games. He has also shown himself to be a dual threat, leading the preseason roster in rushing yards. His 62.5 completion percentage must be brought up, as well as his consistency to lead drives.

Lastly, comes Joe Callahan, who slowed down a bit after a solid first preseason game. Against the Redskins, Callahan was 10-for-16 for 103 yards. Unfortunately, he followed up that performance with a complete dud. He posted one completion on three attempts, zero yards and two sacks that lost 12 yards. If Callahan expects to break the roster, he will need to show stability going forward.

Rushing Attack Looks For Answers

Following an abysmal running game in Washington, Packers running backs were expected to be aggressive. Sadly, their performance was underwhelming at best. Currently, the leading rusher for the Packers is not a running back, however, it is quarterback Taysom Hill with 52 yards.

Ty Montgomery has been the starting back since the conclusion of the 2016 season but has been flat to start preseason. He fumbled, after producing zero yards on his three carries against Washington. After an injury held him out in week two, look for Montgomery to increase his production early against the Broncos.

The Packers drafted three running backs in this year’s draft, adding two more as free agents during the offseason. Unfortunately for Green Bay, none of which have shown much production. Jamaal Williams looked alright against the Eagles but struggled to get going against the Redskins. Kalif Phillips had a 10-yard run, but aside from that has only posted 11 yards on 7 carries. Aaron Jones and Devante Mays have combined for 10 carries and just 27 yards. Meanwhile, William Stanback has yet to gain a positive yard.

The Packers may have an established running back with Montgomery and an elite quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. However, once the season begins, injuries mount. As a result, the depth chart becomes more essential. One of the few hand-picked running backs will need to step up for the Packers to develop offensive balance.