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3 Ways The Vikings Can Keep Their Remarkable Run Going

Remarkable Run Going Keith Allison via Flickr


3 Ways The Vikings Can Keep Their Remarkable Run Going

The Vikings defeated the Chicago Bears 23-10 to finish the regular season 13-3; clinching a first-round bye. Minnesota has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and now they are just two wins away from playing in the Super Bowl at US Bank Stadium. Even so, there are still some changes the Vikings can make that will ensure that they keep this remarkable run going.

1: Force Turnovers

The Vikings defense has played at an elite level all season long. They finished the regular season ranked first in scoring defense, yards allowed, and third down defense. There is one thing the Vikings defense has not done this season, and that is force turnovers. Minnesota finished tied for 23rd in the NFL with 19 forced turnovers. Only the Falcons and the Patriots rank lower among the other playoff teams in the league.

To keep this remarkable run going the Vikings defense will have to find a way to force more turnovers. Although they have proven that they can beat good teams without doing so, a forced turnover in a playoff game could be a crucial momentum swing.

So far this season, in games that the Vikings have forced a turnover, they are 9-1. However, when they do not force turnovers, they are 4-2. The odds are in favor of the Vikings winning either way, but when they force turnovers, they are by far the favorites to win.

2: Control The Clock

Time of possession is a stat that seems to fly under the radar. Teams that win the time of possession battle tend to win the game more often than not; this is the case with the Vikings. When winning the time of possession battle this season, the Vikings are a perfect 12-0, but when they lose the battle, they are 1-3.

For the Vikings to win in the playoffs, the clock battle will be a significant factor. If they are able to put together long drives and keep the defense rested, the team will be in good shape. But short three and out drives could be what prevents this team from achieving its full potential.

3: Healthy Offensive Line

Injuries have hit the Vikings in a few different spots this season; however, they have been able to overcome all of them. If you remember last season, Minnesota put together the most offensive line combinations in the NFL. Nick Easton went down versus Green Bay with a broken ankle a few weeks ago, but so far that has been the only major offensive line injury for Minnesota this season. Keeping a healthy line for the playoffs will be crucial.

The offensive line play this season has been as much a reason as any for the Vikings’ success. If this unit stays healthy, there is a good chance Minnesota makes a deep run.

Keep The Remarkable Run Going

The Vikings are putting together a season that could go down in the history book. The 2017 Vikings are three wins away from being the first ever Minnesota team to win the Super Bowl and, according to most experts, they have a shot. They will be looking to keep their remarkable run going in the divisional round on January 14th.

Photo by Keith Allison