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Case Keenum Starting In Week 11. Will We See Teddy?

Case Keenum Starting Matthew Deery via Flickr


Case Keenum Starting. Will We See Teddy?

Mike Zimmer announced Wednesday that the Vikings would not be making a change at the quarterback position versus the Rams in Week 11. With Case Keenum starting, the Vikings are hoping to get the same amount of production from him that they have acquired the first nine weeks of the season. This start is coming off a week in which Keenum had career numbers throwing for 304 yards and four touchdowns. Keenum’s start also prolongs the long-anticipated return of Teddy Bridgewater. As the season moves on Teddy’s chances are getting bleak, but he could be playing sooner than you think.

What To Do With Keenum Moving Forward

The choice Mike Zimmer made at quarterback this week was the right decision for the team, but the question still looms. Will the Vikings play Teddy Bridgewater at some point this season? This question will most likely be answered by how Keenum plays against the Rams this weekend. If Keenum ultimately plays below average versus tough competition the switch to Bridgewater will most likely happen sooner rather than later.

However, there will be other factors that play into this decision. After the Rams, the Vikings will travel to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving day. Making a switch at quarterback going into a short week would be tough on the Vikings; considering that Bridgewater has not played in a year and a half, and this is a much different team than the playoff team that lost to Seattle. Case Keenum starting could give the Vikings a familiarity factor that could play crucial against the Lions.

This would put the expected return of Bridgewater to be on December 3rd versus the Atlanta Falcons. This return date would give Teddy five weeks to gel with his offense before the start of the playoffs in January.

In Bridgewater’s last season before his injury, he looked to be on the cusp of taking control of the Vikings offense. He managed to get himself a Pro Bowl selection. He threw for 3,231 yards, 14 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and on the ground he added three more scores as well. Teddy was the captain and the leader of a team that took down what seemed to be an unstoppable force in Green Bay. When he comes back, the Vikings are hoping to get the same high level of play that he brought his first two seasons.

How Do Case Keenum And Teddy Bridgewater Matchup

So far this season there are a lot of good things to say about Case Keenum, but how do Case and Teddy stack up against each other? Case is playing like an above average quarterback, on a high-caliber team, but most importantly he is winning games.

This is something Keenum has struggled with in his career. So far Keenum has posted a 14-17 record throughout his career, while Teddy is 17-11 in his two seasons of play. Teddy also has a career completion percentage of 64.9, topping Keenum’s percentage of 60.1. This season Keenum does seem to be on track to beat all of Bridgewater’s career highs. His 11 touchdowns have him on pace to throw for about 20 touchdowns by seasons end. He is also on pace to have only nine interceptions on the year.

A reminder that this is all dependent on the way Keenum plays. I believe that if Keenum plays the way has versus the Rams this week, it would be ideal to ride him out. The Vikings plan to have Bridgewater as the franchise quarterback, but the reality is he has not played in a year and a half. Nobody knows what you will get with him, so it is in the Vikings interest to let Keenum play as long as he keeps producing.