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Ranking Best Minnesota Vikings Seasons In Team History

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Ranking Best Minnesota Vikings Seasons In Team History

As Vikings fans, we have seen some pretty great seasons. This season is shaping up to be one of those. Unfortunately, none have ended in Super Bowl wins, but that can’t stop us from appreciating the teams of the past. Ranking the best Minnesota Vikings seasons was a relatively difficult thing to do, there have been some good ones, but as I said, each has caused so much pain. Instead of weeping about how each season ended, it is best to look at just how good each season was.

#5. 1973

In Bud Grant’s seventh season, the Vikings seemed to have a team as dominant as ever. The 1973 Vikings were led by quarterback Fran Tarkenton who had a multitude of weapons to work with. The defense also had a majority of stellar players. Carl Eller and Alan Page led a defense that ranked second in points against and 12th in yards against. 1973 was the second Vikings crew to make the Super Bowl — where they lost to Don Shula’s Miami Dolphins 7-24.

#4. 1975

The 1975 Vikings were about as dominant as they come on both sides of the ball. The Vikings were ranked in the top five in points for and against, as well as in the top five in yards allowed and yards gained. This Vikings team failed to make the Super Bowl but were about as dominant as any team in history. The 1975 Vikings ranked second in takeaways and point differential across all of football. This team featured eight Hall of Famers and also had a multitude of talent around them. They lost in the divisional round to a Roger Staubach led Dallas Cowboys team that went on to lose Super Bowl X to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

#3. 1969

The 1969 Vikings were the first of the Bud Grant era Vikings to make it to the Super Bowl. The defense for Minnesota was dominant as ever; finishing first in points and yards against. Grant had the Vikings at an astonishing 246 point differential, the highest the Vikings have ever had outside of the 1998 season. The 1969 Vikings had loads of talent on both sides of the ball. The defense was captained by Hall of Famer Alan Page. They also had players like Paul Krause, Carl Eller, and Jim Marshall. The team finished 12-2 in the regular season which was the best record the franchise had up to that point. The Vikings made it to the first Super Bowl in franchise history before falling to the Kansas Chiefs 7-23. 1969 laid the foundation for the best Minnesota Vikings seasons for years to come.

#2. 2009

2009 was a special year for Vikings fans. Longtime Packers quarterback Brett Favre joined the team and had himself a career year. The Vikings finished 2009 12-4, ranking in the top five in yards per game and points scored offensively. I have a bias towards this season because I lived through it, but having a rival team’s best player join your team always sets up an excellent story. The 2000’s had been a time where the Vikings were a quarterback away from competing, and Favre delivered just that. The Vikings went on to lose a heart-breaker to the Drew Brees led New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship game. This is one of the best Minnesota Vikings seasons in recent memory for fans.

#1. 1998

1998 was a fantastic season for Viking Fans. The 1998 Vikings went a phenomenal 15-1 which stands as the best season in Vikings history, and most likely will never be matched. The 1998 Vikings also put together a franchise record 260 point differential. The 556 points scored by the ’98 Vikings offense is second all-time. There is no question that the 1998 Vikings offense was a juggernaut. Randy Moss and Chris Carter were two of the big headline names that led the way. Again, the Vikings lost in a heart-breaker in the NFC Championship game to the Atlanta Falcons on none other than a missed field goal. On the list of Minnesota Vikings seasons, the 1998 season ranks at the top.

Where Does The 2017 Season Rank?

Mike Zimmer has the 2017 Vikings on a tear. Minnesota has the second-ranked defense in the NFL, but anyone can make the argument as to why they should be number one. The Vikings offense is killing it with Case Keenum at quarterback, and it does not seem like it is going to end. In the back of every Vikings fan’s mind is the way other seasons have ended, but the past Minnesota failures will not stop this team. If the 2017 Vikings can win the Super Bowl, it is obvious that the 2017 Vikings season will rank first on the best Minnesota Vikings seasons list.