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Thanks Case Keenum, For Saving The Season

Thanks Case Keenum Keith Allison via


Thanks Case Keenum, For Saving The Season

The Vikings season ended with a terrible 38-7 loss versus the Eagles in the NFC Championship game. Since the season is now over, I want to say thanks Case Keenum. It had happened time and time again for Minnesota. We feel like we have the perfect team, and then an injury occurs setting us back to square one, but that did not happen this year, and it is all because of you.

The Injury

In Week 1 when Sam Bradford went down with an injury we could have thrown in the towel and waited for next year, but it was you, Case Keenum, who put this team and these fans on your back, and you carried us through. Even though it did not work out the way we wanted, every fan will remember the story of the 2017 season. The year a career backup became the face of our franchise.

Thank You Case Keenum

You gave us 13 wins this season, and in every single one of them you played your heart out. We will always remember your 369 yards and three touchdowns versus Tampa Bay. Or how you lead us through the gauntlet of our schedule with no fear of going 4-1 in that span.

Thanks Case Keenum for not only playing quarterback at a high level but for also being utterly selfless through it all. No other player would have cheered on his backup (Teddy Bridgewater) coming into a game as you did, especially after hearing reports all season of how Teddy was going to take your job, but you did. You were like every single fan, enjoying the moment, and that is what made you unique.

Thanks Case Keenum for the Minneapolis Miracle. The season did not end how we all wanted with a Super Bowl, but with that one play, you changed the mindset of a whole state. For years Minnesota sports have been on the other side of miraculous playoff finishes, but you gave us our one. It is a play that Vikings fans will remember for the rest of our lifetime. The Case Keenum lead Skol chant will go down as one of the greatest moments in team history.

Last but not least, thank you Case Keenum for giving Minnesota fans a reason to believe. This is a fan base that has been through a lot and has had a tough time doing that lately, but you gave us that chance. Whether you are back here next year or not, this year will go down as one of the best in team history. Thank you Case Keenum for 2017.

Photo by Keith Allison