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Why The Vikings Will Not Lose At Home In The Playoffs

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Why The Vikings Will Not Lose At Home In The Playoffs

At 13-3, the Vikings have been one of the best teams in the NFL, and this is especially true when they play in US Bank Stadium. If given the opportunity, the Vikings will not lose at home in the playoffs. For the Purple and Gold to play every playoff game at home, they will need Philadelphia to lose their divisional round game, which right now seems like a genuine possibility with Carson Wentz out for the year.

Defense At Home Versus Away

There is no question that the Minnesota defense plays far better at home than on the road. At home this season, the Vikings gave up 439 fewer yards than when they were on the road. The Vikings have shut down teams like New Orleans, Los Angeles Rams, and Detroit at home. Minnesota also has a favorable split in points allowed at home versus on the road; at home, Minnesota is giving up 12.5 points per game. Meanwhile, on the road, they are giving up 18.4 points per game.

Minnesota’s defense has had lots of success at home. If this team has to travel to Philadelphia, they will probably be able to handle it, but there is no doubt that playing at home is almost a guarantee for this defense. At home, the Vikings will not allow big plays, and teams will struggle to put up points on them.

Offense At Home Versus Away

The Vikings offense is enjoying some of the same success as the offense at home. This talented Vikings offense has been a pleasant surprise this season and is one of the main reasons why the Vikings are where they are today. Minnesota is putting up an impressive 23.9 points per game and gaining 385 yards per game in the process at home. On the road, the Vikings are still having success, scoring 21.6 points per game on 322 yards per game.

On the road, the Minnesota offense is still very productive, but, like most, this team thrives at home. This is especially crucial for playoff play. Playing in a controlled environment like US Bank Stadium will help the Vikings offense. If Philadelphia loses their playoff game, the offense of the Vikings will not have to play in any elements this postseason. This is the ideal situation for an offense that has proven to be high-powered at home.

Playing Together

This is a Vikings team that loves playing at home. The stats show it, and the energy the team brings on both sides of the ball shows it as well. Minnesota’s defense has proved that it can shut down top offenses at home or on the road. The Vikings offense has shown the same flashes. If given a chance to play every game at home; the Vikings will not lose this postseason.