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20 Point Comeback From Dolphins Dooms Falcons

20 Point Comeback Atlanta Falcons via Flickr


Dolphins 20 Point Comeback Dooms Falcons

Who saw this coming? The Miami Dolphins went into the Falcons home and got a big win with a 20 point comeback led by Jay Cutler. In the first half, Atlanta came out hot, and at that point many fans were happy. As soon as the second half started, the Dolphins and the clock became best friends. Cutler led the team down the field, and the Dolphins found a groove. Matt Ryan and the offense came back on the field and stalled, and there was no stopping Miami from there. A late game pick ended any hope for the Falcons winning the game. Here are some takeaways from today’s game.

Poor Tackling Did Not Help Falcons

Dan Quinn always preaches tackling. Jay Ajayi, known for breaking tackles, had a field day. Jarvis Landry was also breaking tackles. This team prides itself on being fast and physical. When they get in the backfield, they are supposed to stop the running backs behind the line of scrimmage. There were numerous times where the Falcons got in the backfield, but couldn’t stop Ajayi. There were also times where they almost prevented players from getting a first down, but poor tackling negated that. If the Falcons want to be the defense they claim to be; then they have to learn to tackle better.

Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

If you want to be considered a good team, discipline is a must. The Falcons were far from that today. Numerous penalties ruined drives for the team. The defense did not do any better. Roughing the passer and pass interference calls are not going to get you off the field. If anything, it helps the offense get closer to scoring, and the Dolphins capitalized. The Falcons had many chances to capitalize on the Dolphins mistakes, but they would counter it with their own mistakes. This team knows it has to be better when it comes to making mental mistakes; it is just a matter of when it will click in their heads.

This Game Looked Too Familiar

Isn’t it a coincidence that the Falcons blow a lead right before they play the Patriots? If anybody knows about Super Bowl 51, you know what I am getting at. The offense stalled heavily in the second half, and the defense was not making anything better. When you factor in both of those problems, a 20 point comeback is bound to happen. The Falcons have a big task ahead of them next week. Dropping this game is definitely a disappointment and worrying now is in play. If they can play a complete game, all the experts can relax on this team.