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Atlanta vs. New England: Super Bowl LI 2.0

Super Bowl LI D. Y. V. O. via Flickr


Atlanta vs. New England: Super Bowl LI 2.0

The week is finally here. After the Falcons had an epic collapse in the biggest game of the year, many were waiting for this day. We knew the team was waiting for this, to seek revenge against the New England Patriots. Week 7 will definitely be an interesting matchup, just because of how both sides have performed so far. The Patriots are not playing up to expectations this year, mostly due to their defense. The Falcons are making sure to remind people they still blow leads in the second-half, and it is hurting them. Both teams desperately need a win in this Super Bowl LI rematch, as they both need to get on the right track. Here are some things to look for in the matchup.

Falcons Have To Take Advantage Of Pats Poor Defense

The Patriots have by far the worst passing defense in the league. Atlanta can be one of the most explosive teams in the league in the air. If this team wants any chance of beating New England, they have to pass the ball. They seem to have an issue of when to pass and when to run this season, which results in teams coming back on them. Mohamed Sanu returns this week which gives the team an extra boost offensively. The Patriots had a hard time defending the Falcons pass game in Super Bowl LI, so they know where they went wrong. Sadly, it looks like they did not get any better. That may be a good thing for the Falcons.

Getting Pressure On Brady Is A Must

The Falcons know from experience the only way to beat Tom Brady is by getting pressure on him. Grady Jarrett had a field day with the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. He will have more help this time as the Falcons boosted their pass rush over the offseason. So far, the pass rush has been good, but it was non-existent against the Dolphins. For the Falcons, their best option will be to play man. Brady will expose their lack of coverage skills when they get in the zone.

The only reason they were up so big in the Super Bowl LI was due to their man coverage. One negative about this is that players get tired after a while, which slowed them down a lot in February. With the depth the Falcons have this season, players should not get gassed as quickly as they did. Brady should not have his way with the secondary this time around as well with the return of Desmond Trufant.

Is Atlanta Taking This Personal?

I am sure plenty of the players on the team have has this date marked on their calendars. De’Vondre Campbell came out earlier this week and said it himself.

The Falcons will come into this game with a chip on their shoulder. They just dropped a winnable game against the Dolphins last week which should push them to do better. Also, they lost to the Patriots in a historical fashion. You cannot tell me these guys were not waiting on this Super Bowl LI rematch. Not only is this Week 7 matchup a must-watch, but it is also a rematch the Atlanta Falcons must win this season. It is great that a game like this came around this time so it could test their mental toughness after the way the season has gone thus far.