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Midseason Report: Is The Competitive NFC South The Best Division?

Competitive NFC South Khai G via Flickr


How The Falcons Matchup Against The Competitive NFC South

The competitive NFC South may be the best in the NFL right now. Heading into the season, the NFC South was supposed to be one of the weaker divisions in the NFL. That has been a different story so far. The NFC South has two of the best records in the league, and it is not the Falcons. The New Orleans Saints top the division so far with a 7-game winning streak. The Carolina Panthers are next up, despite their offense not being outstanding. Tampa Bay was supposed to be a big sleeper heading into the season, but have not played up to expectations so far. With all that being said, how do the Falcons matchup against their division?

Can The Saints Keep This Up?

The Saints started the season losing their first two games. Since then, they have gone on a seven-game winning streak. They traded Adrian Peterson and became one of the best running teams in the NFL. The Saints took a play out of the Falcons book and formed a dynamic running back tandem. Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara have lifted the weight off of the aging Drew Brees to make everything happen for the Saints. Not only have the running backs helped Drew Bress, but surprisingly the defense has stepped up.

The Saints have a sported a top 10 defense so far in the season. One of the biggest surprises has been rookie Marcus Lattimore. He is playing exceptionally well and has been close to a lockdown corner this season. The Saints have shocked many people, but can they keep this level of play up? They have the Redskins, Rams, Panthers, and then a Thursday matchup against the Falcons. We will see if they are legit.

It Is All About Cam

The Panthers have also exceeded expectations this year if you look at what they are working with. After trading Kelvin Benjamin, the Panthers were left with Devin Funchess and Curtis Samuel. The bad news is the Samuel was ruled out for the rest of the season earlier this week. This means we will see more Cam, but they also have a secret weapon. In these past weeks, Christian McCaffrey has stepped up well for the Panthers. His speed in the backfield and out wide can leave defenses on their toes.

Like the Saints, the Panthers have relied on their defense to win games. The linebacker duo of Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly have been vital pieces for the defense. Their defensive line is also playing great, especially against the run. The Panthers have a relatively easy schedule coming up after their bye, so the Falcons have to fight to get to the top of the NFC South.

The Bucs Need Time

The Bucs have not been very impressive this season. Pair that with the injury of Jameis Winston, and you have a team not ready to compete. Desean Jackson was brought in to help the offense, but he is nowhere to be found. Mike Evans has been consistent, but other than that the offense has not been what many people claimed them to be. The defense was also hyped up at the beginning of the season, but they have not reached expectations either. Maybe it’s time for them to reset and try next year.

With all the news surrounding the competitive NFC South, do the Falcons have a chance to right the ship and claim a top spot in the division?