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Controversial Play Gives Falcons A Big Win

controversial play Lionel Friederich via Flickr


Falcons Leave Detroit Winners After Controversial Play

The Falcons were in Detroit to take on the Lions, and it wasn’t easy at all. Both teams battled all game until the clock hit zero. One of the biggest things to talk about is the controversial play at the end of the contest. The Lions did have a chance to win, but the call was made to reverse their touchdown. Golden Tate looked to initially be in the end zone, which would give Detroit the lead with eight seconds left. After reviewing the play, the refs ruled that Tate’s knee was down and he was touched by Brian Poole before the ball reached the plane. Besides that play, it was a roller coaster game for Atlanta. Let’s take a look at some takeaways from the matchup.

It Was Not Matt Ryan’s Day

It all started when he had his sleeve ripped off his arm. Matt Ryan threw three picks, but I wouldn’t say that you should blame all of them on him. He had his first interception returned for a touchdown late in the second half. His last two were off of tipped passes, but ultimately they could’ve been caught. When looking at the stat sheet, those interceptions make him look bad. However, overall he did a decent job. He was still able to throw two touchdowns. Ryan did throw some passes early in the game that weren’t accurate, but he got more comfortable as the matchup progressed.

Offensive Line Struggles

Heading into Sunday’s game, the right side of the Falcons line was going to be a problem. Ty Sambrailo was in for Ryan Schraeder this week, but he didn’t play like him. Multiple times, Sambrailo was overpowered and left Ryan helpless. Some of his sacks were avoidable, but he didn’t have to be put in that situation. Wes Schweitzer didn’t have a good game either. He was called for a holding call after Devonta Freeman had a big run. The one thing the offensive line did well was open up holes for the running backs. Schraeder should be back next week to help this shaky line.

Secondary Had A Hard Time

One of the big things coming into the game was Detroit’s receivers versus the Falcons secondary. The Falcons had a couple of big plays, but Detroit had many more. Brian Poole had a hard time in the slot all game. Robert Alford was okay in coverage, but the receivers got the best of him. Desmond Trufant maybe had the two biggest penalties of the day. He had a holding call and then followed that up plays later with a pass interference that got Detroit near the goal line. Luckily the defense held up.

This Team Is Still In Good Shape

They say a win is a win. Even though the Falcons were a few yards away from losing from that controversial play, they were able to leave victorious. They’re the only undefeated team in the NFC and still look like the best in the conference. These teams are going to give the Falcons their best shot this season. How Atlanta responds will be what makes a difference. So far they’ve responded positively. Up next is the Buffalo Bills.