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Convincing Win Over Rams Sends Falcons To Philly For Divisional

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Saturday’s Convincing Win Sends Falcons To Divisional

It was a convincing win for the Falcons on Wild Card Weekend. They did everything they were supposed to do to be victorious over the Rams. Facing the top scoring offense was going to be hard, but the Falcons made it look easy. Matt Ryan and the offense did their part for most of the game. It was the defense that set the tone from start to finish. Matt Bryant also came in clutch, as usual, to help the Falcons win. With Saturday’s victory, the team will be heading to Philly next week to take on the Eagles. Here are some takeaways from Atlanta’s Wild Card Weekend matchup.

Defense Holds Rams In Check

They always say defense wins championships. The Falcons came out and gave the Rams offense problems. Jared Goff had been playing incredible this season, but he looked a little off Saturday. Credit that to the secondary of the Falcons. Robert Alford made some great plays on the ball and made his open field tackles.

Brian Poole and Keanu Neal also made some great tackles in the open field. The Falcons might have another good game from the secondary next week with Nick Foles at quarterback for the Eagles. If they can get pressure and make it hard for him, the Falcons will have a chance.

Matt Ryan Has Some Guts

We all know Ryan has heart, and he reminded us again in this Wild Card bout. With all the pressure Ryan had in his face, he still made things happen for the offense. Getting away from defenders, making crucial throws, this is what Matt Ryan is about. He did get knocked down a couple of times and got some blood on himself. However, he continued to play hard and lead the team to victory. In fact, he threw a dime to Julio Jones to seal the deal, ensuring the Falcons another week to play.

Inexperience Of The Rams Kicked In

You could feel some of the players on the Rams getting nervous in this game. One of the main players was Pharoh Cooper. He muffed a punt and fumbled one, both of which helped the Falcons to their convincing win. It just looked like he was having a hard time out there. Jared Goff looked shaky at times as well. Goff was unable to make the plays to get the Rams back in the game when their back was against the wall. At times in the red zone, it looked like he was hesitant and should have just run the ball in himself. This game will prove to be a learning experience for the Rams, and they will come back hungrier than ever next year.

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