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Disappointing End Brings 11-7 Falcons Season To A Close

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Disappointing End Brings Falcons Season To A Close

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The Falcons were not able to return to the Super Bowl to avenge last year’s loss. Philadelphia came to play and limited the Falcons offense to only 10 points. They had several opportunities to capitalize on, but things did not go their way. Atlanta’s defense did its best to keep the team in the game, but it was a 2nd half drive for the Eagles that helped them close it. There was still a chance for the Falcons to win the game, but the last play came to doom the team. It was definitely a disappointing end to the game and a disappointing end to the season. Let’s take a look at some takeaways from Saturday night.

Defense Could Not Get Off The Field

The defense started off with a forced fumble, and after that, it seemed like they were on the field for most of the game. Coming in, the Eagles planned to run the ball and keep the Falcons offense off the field. They did just that.

It was a drive in the fourth quarter that sealed the deal for the Eagles. The Falcons defense looked tired and could not stop Nick Foles. Foles did not have to do anything amazing this game to win. He made some great reads and got his running backs involved.

Falcons Offense Stalls Out

Ultimately, the Falcons scored a mere 10 points. A team with all these weapons only managed to score 10 points. It was a tough game, mostly for this offense because they could not get anything going. The Eagles front line made it hard for Matt Ryan to get into a groove for most of the game. They were able to contain Devonta Freeman, as he probably had his worst game of the season. The offensive line had a bad game as well, but with Fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham on the other side, you could see it coming.
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Last Drive For The Falcons

No doubt, the final drive of the game will probably stick with this team for a while. The Falcons drove down the field and got into the red zone to try to win the game. However, the last four plays did not help them win the game at all. The first play was a fade to Julio Jones, something that has not worked all season. Next was a shovel pass, which had no chance of gaining any yards. Thirdly, a slant to Julio, landing them on the two-yard line. Regrettably, the last play of the game left many people wondering, what were the Falcons thinking?
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It was that play that brought the season to an end. Eagles players even said that they knew that play was coming. If that is the play you call to win the game, in my opinion, you deserve to have a disappointing end to the season.

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