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Falcons First-Team Offense Takes A Step Back

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Preseason Week 3 Takeaways: First-Team Offense Wasn’t The Best

The Falcons opened up the Mercedes-Benz Stadium against the Arizona Cardinals. This was kind of a dress rehearsal for the Falcons, and it didn’t go as planned. The first-team offense and defense had some lows, but ultimately it’s still preseason. This is the time where the team looks to work on things and get polished for the regular season. A bright spot for the team last night was the rookies. Other than that, the team didn’t look great as a whole, but here are 3 takeaways from last night.

Falcons First-Team Offense Wasn’t High Flying Like Usual

The Falcons take pride in their offense because it’s good, but last night they didn’t show up. On the first play of the game, Matt Ryan threw an interception off a tipped pass. It seems as if Ryan has a hard time against the Cardinals no matter if the game counts or not. Ryan left the game with 4 completions on 11 pass attempts. Some good news was that Julio Jones and Taylor Gabriel returned from their injuries. They didn’t look sharp, but being on the field is always a positive. This should be nothing to worry about since it is an exhibition game, but hopefully, this doesn’t carry on. This offense is just too talented to have certain spurts like we saw last night.

Takk And The Defense Came To Play, For The Most Part

Rookie Takk McKinley showed us some of his abilities last week, and he was at it again last night. McKinley’s power and burst threw some of the quarterbacks off, which caused havoc for their offense. He forced Drew Stanton into getting sacked by Jack Crawford. If he can keep that same aggression throughout the season, expect some big things from the defensive line. The secondary had some nice plays, but they also gave up some big ones. Keanu Neal had a big hit on Chris Johnson which made him fumble, and Duke Riley recovered. Ricardo Allen also had a couple of pass breakups. The bad thing was that the defense gave up 2 touchdowns to John Brown in the first half alone, which should be addressed.

Depth May Be An Issue

It’s exciting to see the first-team offense come out on the field for a couple of series. But when they sit, it all goes down from there. I hate to reiterate that it’s just preseason, but depth behind the starters should be a concern. The reason I say this is because if a starter gets injured, they have to come in. If they’re not good enough, that one person alone can bring down the entire team. I think the Falcons should bring in more quality depth along the offensive line and cornerback position. Signing some vets could be a good idea for the team as well.

The Falcons finish off the preseason on Thursday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. I don’t expect to see much of the starters at all, but keep a look out.