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Falcons Must Run The Table Starting This Week

Falcons Must Run Paul Robbins via Flickr


Falcons Must Run The Table Now

The Falcons have had a strange season thus far. With all the expectations and talent on this team, they have not been playing up to standards. They are 4-4 going halfway into the season, and their playoff chances are looking slim. The Super Bowl hangover has hit the team in the worst way possible. Nonetheless, they are still staying confident through it all. They have no choice but to try to at this point, the Falcons must run the table, and it is not impossible for them to do it. Their next couple of games are tough, but with the talent on this team, they have a chance.

 At Home Against Dallas

The Cowboys have had a strange season as well, not only on the field but off the field. Ezekiel Elliott’s 6-game suspension has been on and off all season, and many are wondering when it is going to be set in stone. Luckily for the Falcons, it has been recently reported that his suspension will start against them. Without Elliott, the Cowboys will have to rely on Dak to win the game. Dez Bryant has not had the best season so far, so he should not be a big threat. The Cowboys defense is not great at all, so the Falcons should be able to move the ball with ease. We have seen this offense sputter at times, so there is no promise that they will dominate.

Falcons Travel To Seattle

The Seahawks have not been a great team this season either. Their offense is not good, and Russell Wilson is seen scrambling out of the pocket to make plays. Their offensive line is getting exposed every week, which leaves Wilson in less desirable situations. On the other hand, their defense is still the same dangerous one we have seen over the years. The Falcons were able to make light work of Seattle in the divisional round of the playoffs last year. When they met each other in the regular season, the Falcons were able to stay competitive, but they ended up losing on a questionable call at the end. The deciding factor in this game will be the “12th Man.” The crowd always makes it hard to play in Seattle, which makes it tough on any team. If the Falcons must run the table, it starts this week.

Division Game Against Tampa Bay

Another division game for the Falcons. Their first one did not go well, but this should be an easy one. The Bucs are the worst team in the division, and maybe one of the worst in the NFC. Jameis Winston has not been playing up to par, and he has been shut down for a while because of an injury. If the Falcons end up facing Ryan Fitzpatrick, winning this game should not be a problem. It is a division game so that means that anything can happen. These type of games end up being the ones that’ll come down to the last possession. If we’re being realistic, the Falcons should beat this team.

Vikings Come To Atlanta

This may be the toughest test for the Falcons compared to the previous three games. Next to the Seahawks, the Vikings may have the best defense in the NFC. On offense, they should have Teddy Bridgewater returning to play by then. In the last showdown between these two, it did not go well for the Falcons. That was two years ago, and the Vikings defense has gotten better ever since. The key matchup to look for in that game is Julio Jones versus Xavier Rhodes. This will be a challenge for the Falcons, but if they pulled out a win in the previous games, they should be confident enough to beat Minnesota.