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Falcons Show Glimpses Of 2016 Team

Show Glimpses Atlanta Falcons via Flickr


Falcons Show Glimpses Of 2016 Against Cowboys

We were waiting for this from the Falcons. The Cowboys came into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium today looking for their fourth straight win, but the Falcons would not allow it. The offense and the defense showed up big for the team, and it was time for them to show glimpses of last year. This was an excellent win for them, and all they have to do is carry this success into next week. With a convincing win, it looks like the Falcons are back. Here are some observations from Week 10.

Adrian Clayborn, Must I Say More?

Adrian Clayborn had him a day with seven sacks. Taking advantage of the absence of Tyron Smith was a must for the defense. Not only did they take advantage of Chaz Green, but they took advantage of Dak Prescott. Prescott struggled to get anything going for his offense the entire game. That was due to the Falcons defensive line, and Ezekiel Elliott missing in action. Elliott’s absence seemed to be big for the Cowboys because they struggled to run the ball. The Falcons defense has played great in the past couple of games, and they have a simple task against the Seahawks next week. Seattle’s offensive line has to be one of the worst in the league.

The Offense May Be Back

Everyone held their breath when Devonta Freeman went out early in the game with a head injury. That meant that Tevin Coleman had to lead the rushing attack for rest of the game. It was not pretty at the beginning, but the offensive line gave Coleman some good holes to run through. After Matt Ryan had a tipped interception, he was flawless to the end of the game. Looking comfortable in the pocket, Ryan was hitting his receivers in stride. Taylor Gabriel and Austin Hooper had big games, after being mostly quiet in the first half of the season. It was good for the Falcons to show glimpses of last year’s historic offense.

Seahawks Up Next

The Falcons are going to try to ride this momentum up to Seattle next week. The Legion of Boom has some major injuries though, most notably Richard Sherman. If the Falcons can take advantage of that, it should not be an issue winning this game. The Seahawks offense also isn’t that good, due to their offensive line. Like Dak Prescott today, Russell Wilson may have to try to win this game by himself. Nonetheless, it is still tough to play against the 12th Man, especially on a Monday night. If the Falcons come out and play like they did today, the entire NFC should watch out.

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