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How The Falcons Can Make Another Super Bowl Run

Super Bowl run Thomas Gerling via Flickr


How The Falcons Can Make Another Super Bowl Run

It is almost the end of the regular season, which means the playoffs are near. Some teams already have their spot secured, and some are still trying to sneak in. Should the playoffs start today, the Falcons would be in. They have tiebreakers over the remaining teams in the playoff hunt, which gives them an upper hand. The Falcons need to find that same magic they had last year if they want to go on another Super Bowl run. There are some things they have to fix to go on another one of those historic runs.

Get Julio Involved

Doesn’t sound difficult, right? All you have to do is get your best player the ball. Julio has had an up and down season, and while the stats may not show it, he remains one of the top receivers in yards this year. However, he does not have that many touchdowns. There have also been games where he is consistently getting the ball, and other times he is not. If the Falcons want to go in this Super Bowl run, they have to try to get Julio involved more. Three receptions a game is not going to help this team in any way. The goal is not to force feed him but look for him more often.

Run The Ball

We have been hearing this all season. Earlier in the season, it did not seem like Sark knew what he was doing with this offense. It looks like he has a good idea of it now, and you can tell because they are running the ball more. When you have a running back like Devonta Freeman, you have to feed him the ball. He averages around four yards-per-carry, which is not bad. He and Tevin Coleman are also excellent receivers out of the backfield, which could be a problem for many defenses.

No More Soft Coverage

I have pointed this out, but the Falcons have to stop doing this. When they get a lead, they seem to back off coverage, and it allows the other team to get back in the game. There have been numerous times this season where the Falcons have lost a lead because of this. It is sad to say that has cost them some games this year. The Falcons have to learn to keep their foot on the gas at times and then lay off when it is time. If they want to go on this Super Bowl run, they have to learn to keep leads.

Special Teams Has To Be Better

You thought the offense has not been good this year? Special teams can be in that argument as well. Every week it looks like somebody on the opposing team might take a punt or kickoff to the house. Tackling and spacing have to be better in these situations. The unnecessary flags have to stop as well. I guarantee you if the special teams can get it together, this team could be a formidable group in all phases.