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Falcons Third-String Players Try To Go Out With A Bang

Third-String Players Atlanta Falcons via Flickr


Third-String Players Give It Their All In Last Preseason Game

The Falcons played their last preseason game, which means we’re one week closer to meaningful football. It also means that the Falcons have to cut a lot of players come Saturday. This was the game that the players had to show that they’re worthy to make the final roster. The third-string players didn’t show us much on offense, but the defense was impressive. There will definitely be some cuts that will come down to the wire, due to all the tough competition. Others will have to try to make a name for themselves elsewhere in the league. Here are 3 takeaways from the final preseason game.

Last Wide Receiver Spot Will Come Down To The Wire

We all know how the wide receiver group will shape out come week 1. The last receiver spot is something to look out for on Saturday. Many of the receivers made a name for themselves this preseason. Nick Williams has always been a reliable receiver. Rookie Reggie Davis made some nice plays for the team this preseason. And Marvin Hall showed he has some nice speed and agility, especially in the last game. Whoever the Falcons decide to keep for the final spot, it won’t be a bad decision. All 3 players showed they were capable enough to earn the spot, and the others might make it to the practice squad.

Starters Managed To Stay Healthy

There were some minor injuries throughout the preseason, but all in all the team managed to stay healthy. This is probably one of the biggest positives for the Falcons. Dan Quinn did a good job of getting the players enough run in the preseason and still stay fresh for week 1. There were some injuries to the second and third-stringers, but it was nothing too serious. The only thing fans wanted from this team was to be ready and prepared when they play the Chicago Bears.

0-4? R-E-L-A-X

The Falcons did not manage to win a preseason game, but don’t freak out. First off, it’s just preseason. Secondly, the starters were barely out on the field. And lastly, it’s just preseason! People have to realize that the second and third-string players won’t be playing all season for the team. As long as the starters are healthy, everything is good. Just pump the brakes people. I do want to put this out there though:

Don’t read into that too much either, but they do say history repeats itself.